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    Is This PVC Glue Ok to use in Sump Area

    I wasn't thinking before I put this together. This is the return pipe off the pump. It will be under water in the sump. Is it going to be OK using this PVC glue or should I come up with another idea? I'm kind of stuck since the stores are closed now. thanks
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    Sump/Refugium Design Feedback

    Here is my Sump/Refugium design layout. Please give me your thoughts before I start putting in the baffles. I have a large skimmer so the skimmer section is a little larger to make it easier. I also have it set so the water level in the skimmer section would always remain at 10 1/4". From...
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    How Long Without a Skimmer?

    I had to order a new pump for my protein skimmer. I hope it will be here in a couple days. I've been without a working skimmer now for two days. So I be concerned and is there anything I can do to help while the skimmer is not working? I have a 125 gallon mix reef setup with a 40 gallon sump...
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    Recommended Protein Skimmer

    I need a new protein skimmer quickly so I'm going to order one very soon. What would you recommend. I have a 125 gallon mix reef. I'll be building a custom sump so I can get it to fit no matter what the size is. I would like something that is quiet. I don't want have to sell a kid to buy one...
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    Recommended design for Sump/Refgium

    It turned out nice. Do you have any concerns with the water flow through the refugium area being to fast? I do like the look of it. What was the sizes for each chamber?
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    Recommended design for Sump/Refgium

    I'm picking up a 55 gallon tank to make a sump/refugium for my 125 gallon mix reef. I know you want to try to maximize the water time in the refugium portion. I'm wondering if there are any suggestions for designs. I don't know if design pattern is better as from drain - protein skimmer area -...
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    Any way to quiet a Bubble Magus Skimmer

    I have a Bubble Magus BM-180EX Skimmer and the pump has a very loud humming noise all the time. I looking for suggestions on how to quiet this thing down. It's a great skimmer but the loud hum. Thanks
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    Is this plummets putty ok to use?

    What about this one. It epoxy and says it cures under water. I appreciate the help.
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    Is this plummets putty ok to use?

    Thanks for the quick response. I'll check the small local hardware store. They have things Lowes doesn't.
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    Is this plummets putty ok to use?

    I'm looking to do the recent suggestion onsecuring your corals to the rock using 1/4" tubing. One suggestion is to use putty. I've seen recent post about using basic plumbers putty. I only have a Lowes near by so would this be ok to use...
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    Hanna Tester - Which ones first?

    Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Hanna Tester - Which ones first?

    I have some cash to buy 2 or 3 Hanna testers. What order should I get them in? I have a mix reef tank. I just want to be able to get a little bit more accurate results vise looking at colors. I'm sure there are allot of opinions on this so I look forward to hearing them. Thanks
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    Are 2 250 mh lights enough for standard 125 tank

    I run two 250s on my 125. The ends don't have as much light but they still get light. I have majority of my corals in the 4 foot center area. I put the corals which require less light on the ends. My tank is doing great. I don't see me every putting a third 250 in.
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    Cool way to mount your corals

    Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.
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    Rubber Pads for Skimmer

    My skimmer has lost one it rubber feet. I've seen some rubber pads at Lowes for sale. Wanted to get some thoughts if they would be ok to use since I have no idea what they are made of. I need to quiet the vibration down on my skimmer. Thanks Jerry