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    Craziest Thing Ive Seen!!!

    you should try an ecoquest air Purifier they are the best
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    You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, You Snail!

    you guys have it easy my tank is suffering with RTN an STN at the moment i hate illnesses
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    My own aquacultured rock

    destin florida ROCKS :)
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    250's or 400's

    i run a 400 xm 15 k bulb over my 65 with supplementation of 192 watts of PC actinic and have never had my temp get over 79 degrees and never below 78 I love this light and the way it looks plus i can keep any coral i want
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    i have one it is a piece of junk works for a week then stops until its cleaned
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    My little Reef Haven... I hope!!

    awesome stuff frags :)
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    Milli, any special needed care for them?

    get rid of the crab and try moving the colony
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    SPS Veterans, how often do you do water changes?

    20 gallons every week on my 65! its a bit much but makes a world of difference
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    Wrong bulb but...

    might be a 15k maybe even a 20k Id complain get your money back or get a different bulb
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    Fleshy limpet pics!

    I have tons of these whats so special about them?
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    coloring coral!

    Hey folks I have a few blue acros some purple and many other colors what does it take to get brown corals to really color up? Ive got a couple that have been in my tank for around 6 months that havent colored up and others that have? what can I do to help?
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    The Chronicles of my 250g Cube (190g display)

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    Acropora and normal florescence light ?

    marine freak PLEASE stop using capitals its distracting and well annoyin
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    Acropora and normal florescence light ?

    I noticed the pricing about your lighting and stuff why dont u just go on ebay and buy a cheap metal halide light at least thats what I did 400 watt MH 15k light with ballast and batwing reflector for 100 smackers shipped :) I tried going cheap but in the long run you wont be able to keep very...