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    Tampa Bay Saltwater, time for new blood!

    Hey I'm famous! :lmao: That was my first ever dive video. :hmm2: How embarrassing. I've got a lot better at underwater video since then. I owe it to Richard for getting me motivated to get certified. Sitting on the boat while he was down below was all it took. Screw that! I want to be down...
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    Looking for corals

    Thanks, Jim. Yeah I've had a system going for the past couple years. Build thread on the other site. FB is an evil company and it doesn't help that they ban coral hobby trade. Don't they know we are the world's coral seed banks once they're done killing the oceans with their globalization. :smokin:
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    Looking for corals

    What's up guys? Seeing what y'all have on the racks collecting detritus. Post some pictures and prices.
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    For Sale: Fully Quarantined Adolescent Gold Midas Blenny

    Adolescent Gold Midas Blenny. Great fish, fully quarantined and in an isolation tank. Too aggressive toward my firefish and so I'd like to re-home him. $50. Pick up in Palm Harbor. Social distancing rules will apply.
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    New to Tampa, not to reefing.

    Go check out Coral Corral if you want to see some species specific tanks and get some ideas. They have several displays. A big SPS tank, a big anemone and softy tank, a new 250 gallon euphylia tank, a shroom tank and a zoa tank. The zoa tank is really unique because the rock structure is...
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    3 weeks using Vibrant. Amazing results!

    While there are more success stories than negatives, there have been some bad experiences reported using this product. I would use it, but not in a doser. Too risky for an overdose, IMO. I imagine those who did have bad experiences misjudged the correct dose. A lot of aquarium names are not the...
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    The BobbyV Build - 150 Rimless Starphire with Shadow Overflow 60x24x24

    Looking good. I'm eyeballing an SC 150 myself. I'm surprised more tank manufacturers don't produce the 60x24 dimension. It's perfect for a reef. A couple suggestions. I would drill holes in the top of your rocks for frag pegs or plugs. I did for plugs, but on my next build everything is going...
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    Who has frags?

    I'm looking for sticks. Whatcha got? :)
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    DIY RedSea test kit stirrer

    I've been using the Taylor Speedstir for years. I eventually bought smaller stir bars that fit the Salifert containers so I could just keep testing and not have to clean the one bar. The Taylor product has an integrated LED light to illuminate the results. $30 includes everything...
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    WTB Rainbow Bubble Tip Nem

    Sweet. Thanks man. I don't have anything to trade as I just put coral in the tank, but that looks like about the size I'm looking for. Nice bubbles too. Build thread here if you're interested. Edit: Well I guess they blocked the other site. You can find it under the same user name in member tanks.
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    WTB Rainbow Bubble Tip Nem

    Let me know what you got.
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    Time to revive this forum

    There is another place on the internet for Tampa Bay Reef Keepers. Anyway, nice to see some normal prices for frags. The prices people on the FB page ask are often a joke. I get it though, if there's a sucker willing to pay $100 for a polyp well they deserve what they get. Anyway, I'd be...
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    Aquascaping Feedback

    Agreed, with that substrate your aquascape ain't gonna matter much as that rock is going to be covered in algae. You should really consider removing it and putting in sand now while it will be easy.
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    Using solenoid for RODI

    Although an RODI auto shut off is good, it is not optimal for continuously filling a reservoir. The setup you describe keeps the reservoir full all the time, which is nice, but the constant cycling of your RODI unit will have a negative effect on your DI due to TDS creep. You may not have this...
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    Mismatched tank and stand - is this okay?

    Do not use pressure treated wood as suggested up thread. There is no reason whatsoever you would use pressure treated wood inside a home and especially for a reef tank. Pressure treated wood is for exterior building with continuous ground contact. Wood, even bare wood, is perfectly fine to get...