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    Algal genus Spotlight: Bryopsis "hair algae"

    I had an explosion in hair algae that lasted for several months. I was close to tearing down what had been a beautiful tank. I used the following measures which has all but completely eradicated the HA: 1) replaced my RO membrane. I'm fairly convinced this was the biggest part of my...
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    Finally an easy solution to bryopsis!

    I have used the Tech M method and it had zero benefit for me. Running a GFO reactor right now and that seems to help keep growth down, but does not eliminate it. The only problem is that GFO causes problems with chaeto (as in killing it). The only thing that's worked for me in the past was...
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    ID please

    green gracilaria maybe?
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    GFO and macro

    I recently added GFO to my system and have seen dwindling of the chaeto in my 'fuge. Any thoughts on a slow growing macro that isn't as PH dependent? I have 10k mogul above the 'fuge and a 2" sand bed.
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    Where to get Marine Plants

    I recently added GFO to my system and have seen dwindling of the chaeto in my 'fuge. Any thoughts on a slow growing macro that isn't as PH dependent?
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    blastos becoming more rare?

    That is nice! I agree with Serious about the margin issue. He acknowledged to me that he pays about $5 a polyp for blastos and he winds up making 50%-100% profits on them where SPS and zoos are 150%. So there is that. On the other hand, his suppliers might be justified in charging more as...
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    blastos becoming more rare?

    I was talking to my LFS owner today and he told me that his wholesalers are having more trouble locating blastos in the wild and there's talk they may stop collection soon. Has anyone else heard this?
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    where is the best place to buy livestock?

    check with your local reef club here on RC- that's always a good source for frags. My favorite store for hard coral is
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    Algae blenny not doing Algae blenny things!

    lawnmower blennies don't seem to last very long. Maybe that's it. Maybe try some cyclopeze.
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    Frag Tank Setup Posts

    If possible, get a rubbermaid agri tub and plumb it into your existing system so you can expand your water and use your current fuge. I like the 55 g one at HD because it's shallow enough to work in. I put mine up on a table and created a spray bar with 1" PVC to control flow at the tub, but...
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    walls turning green?!

    Try target feeding the phyto in very small amounts to your shrooms, zoas, etc. If you've got macro and rock in your fuge, the pods will be happy and multiply on their own.
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    Looking for specific Chromis - anybody seen these at LFS?

    check with Beyond the Reef in schaumburg- they usually carry an array of chromis.
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    Ok .... what is it and how do i get rid of it?

    Any bristletooth tang will do it, but if I had to chosse, the Naso gets my vote.
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    Sand in a Fuge

    I have a 45 g rubbermaid tub for my fuge and I used around 2-3 in. of live sand along with chaeto and a good light.
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    First attemp at pics...not very good.

    Not bad! I'd remove that white Acro that's RTN'd though, and possibly do a small water change. You don't want to lose your other SPS.