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  • Yes I remember :) yep I still have a little chuck left that I'm trying to get rid of. Lol. How have u been?
    Hey bro dont know if you remember me or not but I stopped by a year or so ago and picked up some frags from you and some gsp. You warned me about the gsp I should have listended...It took over...LOL...but anyway just wanted to say hello.
    hey chris,do you think you can pm shadowrammy and add on a ATL raspberry limeaide and a reeder madness sarmentosa ?i like those two alot and can pay you whenever you need it.lmk
    dont know if you remember me but i bought your sump from your 90g. the pvc piece that ran from the sump to the pump has one piece of a union on it. do you remember what size or if you still have any or where i can get them?????
    Great Perry! I appreciate it. Yeah from now on I don't care if I kill a coral going thru QT but I am going to try to make sure I don't go thru that again. I've got a 20H with a halide over it for QT. Oh BTW I think that ballast conked out on me maybe.. Do you know if there is a fuse in that Aquamedic ballast? If not I think I'm going to ask John if he could wire up an Icecap ballast to that aquamedic fixture I got from ya. No biggie, I think I might have splashed the ballast or something.

    It will probably be a few weeks before I come by and check out your goodies. BTW did you get a superman frag from me? Or sunset, or Rainbow? I know you got several from me but cant remember.. I'd like to make sure to get my originals back. When I had my problem I REALLY let my tank go.... :(
    Of course I would love to help you out...
    Give me a buzz when you get the chance. I have many sps, but I do have evidence of the nasties...AEFW... I am living with them, my corals are beautiful, but just throwing you a disclaimer... I am sure you are ready to run with a quarenteen setup, I am blowing the buggers off, and my wrasses are loving them each time I do... I just wanted to let you know up front. I have many corals that I am sure would peak your interest. Just call me sometime. 813-368-9091
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