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    SB Reefs LED for sale

    Price update. $80. These are great lights and handle any types of coral or fuge. I had 3 on my 100g, but downgraded to 2 on my 40B. I don't need the extra LED Box.
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    SB Reefs LED for sale

    Bump. Price update to $90
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    Is there any way to mitigate a loss on selling unused equipment?

    Contact Amazon customer service. My wife contacted them about an item I bought over 6 months ago and managed to setup a return. It may be a 10% restocking fee, but better than the bigger loss on trying to re-sell the items or trade.
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    SB Reefs LED for sale

    I have an extra SB Reefs LED 16" basic to sell. Full spectrum, two dimmable channels. Great light. $100. I'm in Akron.
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    Downgrading System: Most fish and Most Corals for Sale

    All corals spoken for. All fish still available.
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    Downgrading System: Most fish and Most Corals for Sale

    Here's what's still available. All fish. Green Pagoda cup, 12x12 red monti, rock with green palys, half covered gsp rock, yellow clove polyps
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    Downgrading System: Most fish and Most Corals for Sale

    Generally after 5 during the week. This Friday from 5-6:30pm, Saturday till 5pm.
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    Downgrading System: Most fish and Most Corals for Sale

    I'm downgrading my 100g system to either a 40B or 29g tank. I would like to be pretty firm on the prices listed. PM is key. I'm located in Coventry, just south of Akron. Fish 1. Blue Hippo Tang 5-6" $60 2. Engineer goby 12" $15 3. Algae Blenny 4" $20 Coral 1. Green Pagoda cup coral 3-4"...
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    My big, fat and happy Mandarin

    What about your feeder? What all did you make it with?
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    Waterbox Platinum defect or not?

    Look at the first set of pics from the first post. You should see those obvious gaps. Dont trust that tank.
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    SUMP refugium SETUP - HELP

    Oh and Make sure to clean any used tanks and equipment with Vinegar and water before starting.
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    SUMP refugium SETUP - HELP

    It's a good start. Yes, I would go with the fuge in the middle and the biggest possible. Going based on your picture, your tall baffles need to be tallest to shortest, left to right. First baffle from skimmer say 12 inches, then 11, then 10, then 9. This way it flows easily from skimmer to...
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    Red Gonipora placement

    I would give it a week or two where you have it. If no change or gets worse, then move it down. I know they like moderate flow. I have mine on the sandbed and it opened up right away for me. I don't feed mine directly. I do add plankton to my tank once a week though and I'm sure it catches...
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    Hammer Coral not fully opening

    Talk about seeing your old thread risen from the dead.... That hammer not only survived, but grew quite a bit over the years. I love that hammer still. Pic shows it in the very bottom center of tank.
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    Tank disaster!!!

    I like how you say a little ammonia in the tank is ok. How about we fill your room with a little mustard gas? See how you feel. You need to understand and fully read the proper ways on setting up and maintaining a saltwater tank. Adding fish to a tank still cycling is cruel and will shorten...