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    Reef-A-Palooza California- Postponed to August 21 and 22, 2021

    I think it’s called “canceling”. Since it’s an annual even and it’s being pushed back a yr....
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    Pirates Cove 400 2020 Update.

    Tank looks great Scott. How long has the lennardi been with you?
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    m0nkie's 560gal

    Where’s the lennardi?
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    FS male flame wrasse, rhomboid, and goldflake

    I have FS a few fish I need to rehome $250. 3" male flame wrasse $250 2.5" male rhomboid wrasse $300 4" goldflake angel $70 1" mystery wrasse $250 5" Achilles tang All fish are eating frozen typically but will also snack on nori and pellets Text for pics 619 454-5426
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    LF - Tangs or other reef fish to increase bioload

    3-3.5” Achilles $260. Pu in San Diego
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    FS 4” Achilles tang and flame wrasse pair

    Beautiful fish. Come and get them.
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    500 gallon reef.. Possible Tank Breakdown and looking for buyers

    I did a spartan race at flathead lake. We stayed in kalispell. It was such a nice quaint town. The people were so inviting and hospitable. Congrats and good luck with everything
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    FS 4” Achilles tang and flame wrasse pair

    I have a 4-4.5" Achilles tang eating pellets and frozen FS-$260 3" male flame wrasse and 2" female FS-$350(willing to separate 250/100) Text for pics or video 619 454-5426 Pu in San diego
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    Angeltown - Phoenix from Ashes

    Not sure on the narcosis pair cost but the pepp was $25k on DD. He paired them up as he still had one, but as Derek stated the other had passed. That is why he bought this other one. In the tank is the narcosis pair, peppermint pair, and a bunch of ventralis anthias. �&#56606...
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    Angeltown - Phoenix from Ashes

    His peppermint and narcosis tank sprung a leak, so they are in a sump until new tank gets put in its place.
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    Angeltown - Phoenix from Ashes

    Yes, he’s actually done with the build. Many fish are In Currently. He posts quite a bit now on Facebook. Also has a YouTube channel I believe. There’s probably 100 fish in the tank currently Bandits, conspics, Achilles, and tons of others
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    Angeltown - Phoenix from Ashes

    Ted sold his fish to Andrew, so they are in good hands. He’s remolding his house and the tank had to go. He will come back he said, hopefully in the 3-4000g range I think he said
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    Who would you sell to?

    At least post pics so we can see it to give you an idea