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  • Hey,
    I'm planning to get some stuffs from colan in Alameda. What do you have for sale? Are you free on Fri? Please let me know, thanks.

    Hi, could you please forward your contact info for Rod's Onyx Clowns. Thanks for sharing the info. Please email to: ddhines2@hotmail.com
    Hey its Nick from CL I knew I recognized that handle in your email from somewhere. We talked a while back on here because I saw you were from Alameda. Kinda funny...keep me updated on those zoa frags.
    I have lived in Alameda almost my whole life. I went to Saint Jospehs for high school then Sonoma State for college and now I am back here in Alameda working as a vet tech and running a my own mobile animal care clinic called Nails and Tails. My current setup is a 40 breeder its a TruVu aquastsytem so it has a built in overflow. I use to run a skimmer and took it out because it was so unproductive so I do weekly water changes. Lighting is a 2 x 150 watt 14k phoenix halides and 4 x 39 watt T5's. One koralia 2 and one koralia 3 for flow plus my return pump. I mostly have zoas as I have become addicted to them and simple corals like kenya trees, hammers, frogspawn and paly's. I have two fish one lawnmower blenny and a coral beauty, CUC is various hermits nassarius snails and random other snails. Growth has been great under the 14k and tank is stable and growing quickly. What type of lighting are you going to be running on the 120? What corals and fish are you planning to keep?
    hey man my name is Nick and I was reading in the forum section and I saw that your located in Alameda. I live in Alameda as well across from Saint Josephs high school. What kind of tank do you have and what type of corals do you keep?
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