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  • Hey d2mini, your Elos tank looks amazing as I have been following it and commenting on your posts etc. Just a question, I need to add a UV sterilise to my tank, what do you use and where do you put it? Also where did you get your sump from? The one that came with the Elos tank I have decided is crap. MNy thanks
    d2mini, How are you? Can you please tell me where you got the 2 water tanks for your mixing station?

    Thank you.
    i stumbled across a picture of your light hangers. Can you direct me to a link where I can buy some longer hanging cables to mount to the ceiling for an LED light?
    I received much of the same sponges and softies that you did with my TBS package this weekend. What is it that you are feeding them? Should I be dosing something for them?
    I'm all the way across town in League City. Right now I haven't received my tank yet. I have a Red Sea MAX s650 that is coming. Originally I wanted to build one but I just don't have the knowledge and I think this will suffice for a first tank. I have read a lot about FJW. It is an hour away but there really isn't a good place on the east side. Everything is on the west side. So, I do plan to go there when I get to that stage.

    Right now I'm just trying to gear up and learn. I'm waiting on my tank to arrive so I know what I'm dealing with. I'm an engineer and very technical person. I need to get everything perfect in my head before I move forward.

    I do plan to do TBS so I think that will take out a lot of the risk. I'm not sure what I need for dosing and I was planning to go Apex until I read your build and now I'm not sure. I know the Apex is large so I need to see what space I have. I'll do plan water changes so I probably only need to dos two parts.
    I'm new to reef tanks and I'm building a 160 gallon tank. I was wondering whereabouts in Houston you live and if you would be willing to meet to discuss. I'm doing lots of research but feel like I'm going to screw it up. I don't trust people at the fish stores to be straight with me either.
    Hi I have been reading your Lifereef posts and I have a system from them that I think is great but it seems no one has the canister filters that go with it because no-one has replied to my posts was wondering if you could give me any input
    Thanks Phil
    Hey Dennis - I think i read recently that you had a red bug outbreak? I just picked up a frag at my LFS and noticed there are red bugs on it when i got home. Still in the bag thank god! But did you dip your corals in bayer? or did you use interceptor? Or something else?

    I thought i messaged u but I went and looked at my sent messages and it didn't have anything. If this is a repeat I'm sorry. We spoke a few weeks ago about your frags. I wanted to know if u have any frags ready to sell? I'm off next Friday and Saturday and I would like to go pick some coral up. Let me know please if u are available.
    I think I messed up on the message I tried to send u. Here is the anenome I have.
    Purchased goodies from Richard @ TBS for my 30G Caribbean tank. Richard recommended you for advice on feeding my sponges and gorgonians.
    I have been reading through your build. You are awesome. I am just beginning and learning from you veterans. How did you learn all of this? It is an impressive build. I am going to try to mimic as much as I can. Would it be okay to bug you when I don't quite understand? Is there anything you would have done differently?
    Hey. I'm planning on buying a nano and really love your setup. What else did you buy with the Cadlights 8g to make it so beautiful?

    A better way to ask is..
    What equipment do you have for that tank? I'd like to try and get something like you have
    I'm sorry to hear that. Would you by any chance be interested in some different species of mangrove propagules? I have propagules from a few different species that could be cool additions to your mangrove collection!
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