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  • Daddyjax I need some assistance if you could. I hear you run a simple tank. Over the years I've gotten involved with every snake oil I can find and lost touch with the basics. I'm in the vinegar stage right now and not doing so hot. Soo... I'm going back to the way it used to be. Curious, do you run bare bottom tanks? And how do you keep cyano and algae at bay?
    Thank you for the compliments. My tanks are no longer due to money but I remember when my methods were unorthodox to say the least!
    Lighting and good heavy nutrients along with lots of filtration is the key. I used a lot of uncured live rock as my base for biofiltration with barebottom(no sand) and clams. Lots of reef specific fish that are diverse in their eating, few tangs, lots of chromis, a few anthias and yellow coris wrasse. I always kept a small area of sand in a corner for the wrasse.
    I over skimmed always and never used P04 remover. Weekly water changes are a big one as well!

    I am totally amazed with the coloration of your corals? What do you think is the main factor? Lights? Low nutrients? Food? Flow?

    Thank you!
    I recall you having some frags for sale of couple of years ago, im also local.
    Is this still going on ?

    thanks ~ Tony
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