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    WTB rose bubble tip

    hey there, Anyone have a rbta laying around that you don't need? Looking for the old morph that's been around for long time. The one with no green/ rainbow in it. Let mine go a while back, ready to do it again. thanks Picture 006 by daddeee, on Flickr
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    Best way to tackle a full tank restart

    sounds good, there's also the two barred rabbit that will eat it. May be difficult to find the orange spot, but any of the foxface would be good
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    Best way to tackle a full tank restart

    I used fluconazole to get rid of bryopsis that I battled for years and it was magical. At the time I had dragons breath and blue ochtodes growing in the sump and the fluca did not effect them. That may be worth looking into if it does work on bubble, I don't recall. There was a stupid long...
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    Best way to tackle a full tank restart

    what size tank? how much live rock? How much are you willing to spend and/or work are you willing to put into it? Like geoplane suggests, have you tried remedies, such as rabbitfish? They say emerald crabs eat them but to me that's a joke. I have an orange spot rabbit and a fox face with no...
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    How much is this calcium reactor worth?

    it's worth whatever some one is willing to pay the carbons doser alone new is 400 vertex reactor 400 ph controller 130 co2 tank 100
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    FS SCA-303 protein skimmers

    thanks , yea skimmers are a good bang for the buck
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    FS SCA-303 protein skimmers

    hey there, Have two used SCA-303 protein skimmers for sale, $50 each, pick up in Delray Beach Ran both of these on a 150g reef with no issues, other than impeller and venturi replacement.The good thing is replacement pumps, impellers are inexpensive compared to other companies. They are a good...
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    Harlequin Shrimp question

    don't know about the urchin, the Harlequin will make fast work of the Asterina population, then you need to feed it regularly or it will die. Then the Asterina population will rebound because the Harlequin will be sure to leave a few behind
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    Super high phosphates, help!

    just curious, the high phosphates, is it causing issues in the tank, hair algae, cyanobacteria? How accurate is the Salifert test kit? Between 1.0 and 3.0? FWIW I am bringing a neglected overgrown SPS tank back to life. I have hair algae and had cyano pretty much everywhere and out of...
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    Best gfo

    lanthanum chloride,if you are not familiar with it, there's threads on how to dose it. I haven't had any issues diluting it and slowly dripping it directly into skimmer.
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    Vermetid Snail ELIMINATION - In tank Treatments

    8E7F9EB3-EF3F-4FD2-97A3-B3A2A877D688 by daddeee, on Flickr FBC320BD-74FA-45AE-AC10-BE32D258D0C7 by daddeee, on Flickr 5C572296-6C44-4C6B-9A3A-1611A3256463 by daddeee, on Flickr B962EDE3-DA6A-4DD6-BA3D-38A122EE4D8E by daddeee, on Flickr
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    Vermetid Snail ELIMINATION - In tank Treatments

    CD7F9BDD-AC25-41FE-B7A2-06D8EEA00E57 by daddeee, on Flickr 375DCD1E-265E-4562-80D9-DBBE175DDF9B by daddeee, on Flickr 4EE1C818-E2AA-46E7-B4F5-06AD59DE1E07 by daddeee, on Flickr
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    Vermetid Snail ELIMINATION - In tank Treatments

    This thread is right on time. I didn't read the whole thing and don't feel the need too. BLUE SPOT PUFFER (Canthigaster solandri) I have battled the vermetids for years. Super glue the hole shut, fill hole with kalkwasser, cut them off with pruners, jab a stainless rod filed to a point...