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  • Can't reply direct as need 10 posts but thanks for the advice. Yeah, think you could be right with the 1" holes, I decided 1 1/2" after reading on the bean animal overflow thread. He was after huge amounts of flow through the sump though, which I doubt I'll ever need.

    Love your tank. Very tempted to go for the extra six inches of depth after seeing yours. Does the extra 6 inches make a big difference?

    Yeah, keen to go external. The thing i'm struggling with is trying to hide the external overflow. My plan is to get a big sheet of black acrylic laser cut to the dimensions of my inside back panel - with holes for my two returns and the overflow between them, plus 1.5 inches at the bottom which i'd cover with gravel. To secure it I'll hang off the two 3/4 inch return bulkheads. If I place the acrylic in between the flange and gasket, it should seal. This will mean I can even remove it for cleaning once in a while! (Want to steer clear of any kind of algae on back of tank.)
    Cubist, check your PM. I replied but had to do so in a PM, as it was too long of a msg for Visitor Messages
    Hi Mate!

    Noticed your overflow in this thread http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2360805 is quite similar to something i'm planning on doing.

    I'm currently trying to work out the size of the overflow box for a 4 x 2 x 2 display tank.

    Currently i'm considering 36 x 8 x 4, with a 24 x 1 inch slot cut into the back-panel to act as an overflow.

    I'm a little bit worried if 4 inches will be enough width to fit in the three 2.375 holes for the 1-1/2 inch bulkheads. Is that what you have done? What dimensions hole size have you used in yours? Has it been strong enough?

    Also, I'm planning on backing this against a wall. In your experience, do you think I'd be able to reach past the overflow pipe to make flow adjustments on the siphon? Or am I better off positioning in the sump?
    do you have a link or pics for your 150g reef savvy? is that a 72x24x20? same tank I'm about to order from them. would love to see it :)
    What bulbs are you running and how do you have them set up in the hood also, how long are you running each light????
    Nice im glad u like it I just ordered one for my 40 breeder. Now I need to hurry and finish building my sump and stand!
    Hey just saw under your name you are using a current nova extreme pro. I was wondering how u like it. Iam thinking of ordering a 6 x 36" for my 40 breeder.
    Wow. Just got the new set up. Lots for sale but this is a lot of work trying change set ups
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