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  • Hey true,
    Thanks for the come back. I got my tank last weekend. Pretty good deal I think. 90 gal oceanic reef ready tank, 30 gl oceanic sump 100 lbs of LR fuji, but dead at this time, enough sand for 2-3 inches. An old ho light. ext. pump Blue something...lol, 500 ti heater with lab grade controler, full test set,5 gal pail of bio balls, which I am not using, coral feeder,octpuss -200 skimmer, new ro system(30 gals thru it) and a cherry stand and hood plus all the plumbing. cost $300.00. Not bad I think for the price. I just ordered 56 LEDS from Steves's Leds. I read alot of readding and they seemed pretty good. I got 33 RB, 3 Cyan, 14 neutral white,7 cool white. I Plan to run RB and Cyan low at night for moon, Then from sunrise to sun set I will have the RB and Neutral whites on, and then add from about 10 AM to 3 PM have the Cool whites running as the bright sun. He claims they are brighter than Cree. I also like the fact that he makes his own drives.
    Hey there. I'm from the Albany area and have a lot of fsmily up there. I love my LEDs! They have working great with no problems at all.

    As for suggesting a setup for you, I would need to what kind of corals you plan on having.
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