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    Just got my Haddon Carpet

    Can take a few days. Like I said... turn the pumps down to a slow crawl, dig a hole, and hope for the best.
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    Just got my Haddon Carpet

    Turn the pumps down/off until it grabs the bottom of your tank bud.
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    Worth trying to save this green carpet

    Once every two weeks. If you see him fully extending with his tentacles moving back-and-forth under its own power, feed .
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    anything I should know before I purchase an anemone

    I would wait a few more months for anemone depending on how old the tank is. Your routine needs to be pretty consistent and the biological filter is still fairly young. QT for BTA is not needed.
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    Worth trying to save this green carpet

    You can tell when they are ready to eat. Its all a part of keeping them. Their tentacles change. I can't describe it. My carpet kinda shifts its tentacles around in a shaking motion.
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    60 day updated

    Its private... We cannot watch it.
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    Qt all the mags!!!?

    I would do it just to be safe. Magnificas can be rather misleading in their overall health. They can have a clean, tight mouth one day and begin a deflate cycle the next and die the following day.
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    Worth trying to save this green carpet

    Continue feeding it on a set interval. Not too much, not too little.
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    my attempt at creating Thielli

    Any updates. My pair is constantly bickering.
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    anything I should know before I purchase an anemone

    What kind are you plan and getting? What is your tank size? How long has the tank been setup? Do you have a QT system setup?
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    How fast does your gigs grow?

    Very little if even at all.
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    Complete 50 gallon system for sale

    Do you have pictures of the clown? I may be interested.
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    Vortech Mp20 question

    There is a rubber "boot" that comes off the dry side that the cord sits into. Is that supposed to be sealed? If I bend the cord in such a way, I can see the insulated wires.
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    Do I have too many anemones (14) IN 90 GAL TANK

    No. But you could sell them.
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    White Bonnets are coming from ORA You can clearly see the white bonnet clown in the center of the tank. Such a sweet clown! ORA says that orders will be starting in the next few weeks if they haven't already.