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    T5 Lighting Schedule

    I'v got my six bulb fixture about 9" from the water. I run 4 ATI blue plus, a coral plus, and a purple plus.
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    Keep carpets dry

    I changed my carpet out for waterproof vinyl plank
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    Stand and Tank Uneven

    Lifetime Aquariums
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    Stand and Tank Uneven

    This apparently is a issue that keeps popping up from this manufacturer. I'd try flipping, but its 450lbs and I had a hell of a time just getting it up there to begin with
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    Stand and Tank Uneven

    The attached picture are the measurements from the bottom trim to the top trim, with the top trim being actually flat and level.
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    Stand and Tank Uneven

    I check the stand last night and again this morning and its level. So something I found this morning was that the tank bottom itself is not level.
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    Stand and Tank Uneven

    I took down my old plywood tank yesterday to replace the flooring and the tank/stand. The new tank does sit completely flat against stand. I picked up some closed cell styrofoam to place under it to level it, but are your guys thoughts? The one end I can fit 2 credit under it.
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    Aiptasia or Colonial Hydroids?

    I've had them for years and they haven't hurt anything.
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    Is gorilla super glue gel reef safe?

    This is the only thing I use when gluing frags
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    grouper feeding

    squid, mussels, scallops, silversides (I'd only feed this one every once and a while).
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    Pulsing Xenia Out of Control

    cut it and hit the stump with boiling water
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    Turbo snail size

    mine have been going strong for about 2 years now
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    Apex JR feels hot

    My Apex Jr runs hot as well and I haven't had any problems
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    Turbo snail size

    also, mine are about the size of gold balls
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    Turbo snail size

    I've got 5 in my 300 along with about 10 cerith snails and they take care of all my algae.