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    IM20 Tank Breakdown - A lot of equipment

    **No livestock, all sold** There's a fixed price for the 'main' set-up and I have also listed individual pricing for people interested. Everything is in working order but will most likely need a good cleaning and/or vinegar bath prior to use. Willing to negotiate pricing dependent on how much...
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    Hardware - Continued/Extras 1x 4 Stage Value Plus 75GPD BRS RO/DI System 1x Hanna Alk Checker (HI772) w/ some reagent 1x Hanna Phos Checker (HI774) w/ several reagent 1x Hanna Salinity Tester w/ extra calibration reagent 6x Extra Unopened Cuvettes 1x TDS tester CSXC-1 AQUARIUM Chiller w/...
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    Hardware - Main Setup IM20 w/ OG Mighty Jet Pump & Media Basket 2x Vivid RFGs 1x Intank Media Basket 1x Eshopps Nano Skimmer 1x 100w Eheim Heater 2x Kessil A80 1x Kessil X-Controller 1x Tunze 5055 ATO 1x Jebao DP-4 w/ Coralbox Tube Holder 2x Dosing Lines w/ Home-made containers 1x Bayite Temp...
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    I did not realize that the compression of photos made them so bad quality, so please find the complete lists below: Livestock - Corals SPS - Monti Caps, Digitatas, Psammocoras (Outer Space & Green), Stylo LPS & Other - 20+ Head Duncans, 4 Head Green Frogspawn, Dragon Soul Favia, Orange/Purple...
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    Forgot to add - (323) 7NINENINE 7605
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    Hi All, Unfortunately I have to shut down my system and would like to sell to a lucky hobbyist as a complete bundle. This would include everything on the pictures as listed. I'm asking $1,800 for it all and would be happy to share additional details, pictures or information via pm. *At this...
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    Local LFS that buy from ORA?

    Could you send me that contact info too? How much did you pay for the SN Goby?
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    BRS Frag Kit & Hydor 240

    Hi there, Selling these two items - brand new, never got around to unpacking/using. $25 - $20 - I live in 90033, send me a PM. Thanks, Daniel
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    RAP CA 2019- August 17th & 18th- Who's coming

    Hi All, This will be my first time going. Very excited. Which day would you suggest for a first timer? Also, just casually browsing how many hours will it approximately take to cover the whole thing? I plan on staying as long as it takes but would like to know what I should expect. Thanks, Daniel
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    FS: Baby Jawbreaker Mushrooms

    Nice! Sign me up for the next round.
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    Some acro fs

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    WTB: Xenia

    I got a small free frag but located in 90033
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    LF: easy to care for softies/ LPS

    Hi David, I have a few frags that I can sell you (DS Favia, JF Lepto) and I got a small Xenia frag, which you can have for free. Located in 90033 PM your number and I can send some pics if interested :-)
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    FS: Alk/Phos/Cal Hanna Checkers + Refractometer

    I’ll take the Calcium checker. PM’ing