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    mantis favoring rapt appendage?

    Posts like this are the reason I still stop by occ. even though I don't currently have a stomatopod. Thanks!
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    School Tank help needed

    I took a quick snapshot of the tank today. Sorry for the poor quality. As you can see there is a lot of pruning that needs to be done of both Anemone clones and Paly. The yellow wrasse has only been in the tank for about a year. There are also a yellow tang, coral beauty and a pair of breeding...
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    Button Polyps only $80!

    I have a "frag" the size of a cantaloupe....
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    Co2 refill peninsula

    SF brewcraft is really really expensive compared to other homebrew shops on most of their products. I believe they have a service that does their refills. I get swap outs at alliance gas in Belmont/San Carlos you should call and see if they'll do re-fills. I always get nice clean tanks on swap...
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    School Tank help needed

    Be sure to respond quickly for the paly. I just found out they are rare and expensive. You can still have some for free or swap. :D
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    School Tank help needed

    Hello all, Well, I've torn down my 20gal home tank and only have the tank at school right now so I've not been on RC for some time. I have a bit of a problem with the school tank. I need a skimmer and a few interesting zoo for the tank. I also have an over abundance of GBTA. I had about 6...
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    Breeding Clowns???

    I've never run moonlights I suspect it depends on how bright they are. If he works in the kind of office that has fluorescents on all night you will probably not be getting dark enough at night. It's best (by most accounts) to duplicate water, feeding and lighting in nature as closely as possible.
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    Tunze 6025 Anemone Guard - Take I

    you need to make the canvas larger than the tunze. the problem you are trying to solve is that there is enough suction to pull the anemone through the pump. If you increase the surface area there is not enough suction at any one place to pull the anemone through.
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    Breeding Clowns???

    It's pretty simple. Fat happy fish make eggs. Keep feeding them 3 or so times a day. Add live brine regularly. hatching your own is best but you can use gutloaded brine from the store. Load them with selcon. Keep up your regular water changes. Lighting can also be important. it is much better...
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    Looking for flower/rock anemone.

    rock/flower anemone are pretty easy to take care of but they do move around a lot (compared to other anemone) they have a very potent sting and have been known to hunt down other corals.
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    Bad photo attempts at some very nice corals

    the tank sure looks nicer there! nice looking coral too
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    School Tank update

    Thanks guys. I haven't really thought about adding any more corals yet but I could certainly find spots for zoanthids, easier stonies and yuma. I have tons of xenia gsp etc. in my little 20 so I think I'm good there! :D
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    True Percs!!

    although not a guarantee the easy way is the orange ring around the pupil in percula. The body shape is typically also a bit different with percula being a bit more "stubby" than ocellaris. The reality is that the only sure way to tell is knowing the provenance of the fish.
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    what kind of clown is this?

    good to hear its doing well. Nice looking anemone too, H. crispa?
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    School Tank update

    I put in 5 there are now either 6 or 7, it's hard to get a good look at their feet. So far the kids haven't had a problem with the lights. They really love it. I'm considering adding more lights because they almost universally concentrate on the bright side of the tank. BTW: I'm looking for a...