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  • Hi,
    I was wondering which model of kessil you had/were not pleased with on your daughter's nuvo 40?

    I've been perusing the owner's thread (mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow) and I noticed your comment about not being impressed with the kessil.

    I'm looking specifically at the a160we/spectral controller combo. If that's what you had, I'd love to hear some specific experience regarding that light on this tank.

    I will be doing a few acros, probably frogspawn and a few montipora - nothing crazy, but still want to have plenty of par.

    thanks in advance for any input.
    Could you please email or text me a few pics of the sump. For some reason I couldn't see them. I'm looking to add on another sump to my tank. I'm in Berkeley.
    510 326 7573
    hey whats up D.
    I was looking for that deal on the mp25 but i still dont have enough posts to get the deal. Sucks...
    Hi I'm interested in the Zoa rock with eagle eyes and dragon eyes. My number is 949-422-0256. I could come by today.
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