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    Getting rid of Aiptasia's

    I've ordered from with great results. The Berghias are not an over night tretment and will take months for you to see results. Once in a while at night you will see the Berghias, and they will have gotten fatter and bigger, meaning that they are doing their job.
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    ocean water

    PaulB, where in Long Island are you collecting your water? The sound or the south shore?
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    Pulse on 7095...

    Those things are very addictive. :) My wife got the whole middle school hooked on it and sells over a box(100 packs) at friday bake sale. :o
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    Pulse on 7095...

    I see why I'm not seeing any difference, I have both dial 1a and dial 1b at 100%. I noticed the difference when I put 1a on 30% and 1b on 100%. Now if I have two pumps and I want to use pulse, should I have the pumps face each other or should I put em in the same side to get a wave action in...
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    Goby and Srimp pair?

    Make sure you have a sand bed. The pair will hide the first few months and will start to come out once they feel comfortable. Look for em at feeding time at the bottom of the tank in a month or so after introduction. Once they start coming out, they are a great addition.
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    my new ora snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! or or
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    Pulse on 7095...

    What does this setting do? I can't see any noticible change in the flow when I put it on this setting. No matter where I out the pulse level dial. What should I be looking for in this mode? :o :D
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    my new ora snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There's a thread discussing the possibility that live black worms triggered spawning in captive fish. I forget the authors tag, but he is the one who has one of the oldest tanks here. He says that he noticed that his fish(clowns and others) spawn a few weeks after he starts to feed em live...
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    PVC siliconed to acrylic -- 1 year later, how to remove

    Don't use monofilament fishing line, use the new braided fishing lines.
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    C. Rhomboidalis

    Thanks all, but I was a bit too late. Hope he went to a good home.
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    Tanks with Marco rocks

    Gotcha...I was just going by the pics you posted and some of the brown ones don't look too holy. :)
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    Best place for clam in BB tank

    My crocea moved to the BB glass.
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    CNN Report : Reef fishing - Indonesia

    Good to hear. The dead reef shots were very depressing. It's good to know that some of it is making a comeback.
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    For Roger - Will Tunze sponsor my tank?

    LoL...I hadn't even thought about it, but my 75g Tech tank is powered exclusively by Tunze, all but the light system. Flow: Tunze Turbelle Stream Kit TS24 - Two Stream 6101 + 7095 MultiController Filtration/Skimmer: Compact Kit 16- Comline DOC Skimmer 9010 Comline Filter 3166 filter pump...
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    my new ora snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Fishkid. Good to see you got a pair. They look great. Better than mine. LoL