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  • Hey Bro,
    How are you? Been forever since we talked! Anyhow give me a call sometime 585-689-3982<my cell
    My tank is so ready for some of your stuff also let me know what you have for sale! I would have got that monti off of ya in a minute!
    Right now I only have the star polyps ,green cap,purple cap,Small frogspawn,Green hammer,green acro,(lots of green corals) :( lol
    Call me!
    i would take 1 of each minus the hammers.
    Name: (Mark Lato)
    Home Address:13778
    Phone Number: 607 222 4383
    Can this number receive texts? yes
    Email Address:
    Preferred day to receive your coral (thurs. may we can seal the deal today and ship?
    Sure, anytime - even now. 720-748-1244 home, and 720-985-8075 cell.

    I live at 2404 S Nome St Aurora Co 80014
    hey would it be cool if I can pick up some zoas ??? PM me your # or i'll PM you mine
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