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    2018 AZ FRAG, PROP Info, Meeting Dates, and FAQs

    My understanding is that the group has changed forums. There is a meeting Sat 11 at a Peoria library. I’ve heard that this site blocks referencing our other forum. Find az fish & reef aquarium group on r**f2r**
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    Par meter

    A meeting is tentatively Saturday 1/19/19. I plan to attend to return it to the club. You'll check it out through a club officer.
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    Par meter

    Club PAR Club PAR The club has one to borrow. A person has to leave a deposit. I'm currently borrowing it and intend to return it at the next meeting.
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    Borrow Club PAR meter

    Please, I'd like to borrow the PAR meter.
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    Frags from the Frag-o-ween frag swap

    You're welcome. I use and for descriptions. I bookmark the guests I have in the tanks.
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    FS: IO Salt

    Io? Io? Pm sent.
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    Frags from the Frag-o-ween frag swap

    My notes: My notes: Acropora Acan Dragon Soul - favia Goniastrea Brain Coral - Platygyra Lephastrea Green Chalice Red Chalice Dead Man Fingers - Lobophytum Zoas
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    FRAG-o-ween AZ FRAG October 13th Meeting

    I’ll bring a bag of Chaeto for you Bagel Girl. No payment necessary.
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    Med size RBTA for sale $40

    Interested. PM sent.
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    Glass cutting in Tempe or Mesa

    In case you opt to buy... I’ve seen glass sold at some Lowe’s. I go to Gilbert Glass in Chandler - $30 minimum charge.
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    DIY LED Lights

    Never mind, I see the ground in the plug.
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    DIY LED Lights

    The schematic shows 3 outputs from the Bluefish containing 6 channel signals. Is there a common ground? Have you tried pwm levels?