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    Triton results with high tin

    I had freshly mixed Instant Ocean tested and LI came back as 368ugl/l To re-affirm Jason. It's pretty common for salt mixed to have LI levels like that so it's most likely from your salt and not much you can nor should you do about it. Extremely unlikely to be your coral issues. I can't...
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    Jebao dosing pump for kalkwasser

    I've been running Kalkwasser for over 13years using Randys Resevoir method. Kalkwasser can be your best friend and also your worst enemy. I personally would not run kalkwasser from auto top ( definately not one that is water level based ) or dosing pump that is completely autonomous even if...
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    Who's the oldest (longest running) active member of RC?

    I'm 1/31/2000. Not sure where you guys are finding your ID#. In early 2000s was a moderator here. I've had a tank the whole time since 1999 but stay mostly in our local forum Mostly intereted in the Chemistry forums in recent years, don't really browse anywhere else. I started...
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    I'm thinking at some point you end up right back where you started. We were trying to discuss that on our local forum as well. Long term there has to be a way to export diatoms and/or something higher in the food chain at some point or long term you would still have nutrient buildup that is...
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    So now second failure in our club since Jan, this one just 2 months old. Didn't blow up or anything just stopped working. Perhaps there are more reliability issues than originally thought.
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    But the bigger question, why would you put another back in your tank unless they acknowledge that a manufacturing flaw in a batch that has been corrected or a new design. While I agree with others that all heaters will eventually fail none should shatter without being exposed to air.
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    Cobalt neotherm heater just blew up!!!

    Here is another one from our club......!-help!&highlight=cobalt+heater
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    PH Buffers

    Not trapping CO2. The Co2 levels are from you, your family, quests, pets etc.
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    Help I think I messed up with Kalkwasser

    No I would not leave return pump off over night to big of risk at low O2 levels. If you have a way to reposition outlets/nozzles or cut back the flow ( If you know for sure you have sufficient circulation to maintain o2 levels ) that's about the best you can do.
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    PH Buffers

    Again, pH isn't really from the salt. Its the excess co2 levels in your home that is supressing it. Here is the article from the sticky that you want to give a good read:
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    Help I think I messed up with Kalkwasser

    Unlikely just so long as powder doesn't directly land on and burn corals neighboring corals. If your really worried track your pH for signs overdosing. Take kalkwasser, add just enough water to mix it, heat it up in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. Turn all pumps off and should pretty...
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    PH Buffers

    pH buffers can't fix CO2 issues. Likely all your doing is raising the alkalinity in your tank. You don't mention what your pH levels actually are. Likely they aren't bad enough to worry about. However, if you really want to fix it, then bring more fresh air into your home. Look in the...
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    Mag to 1600ppm

    Me personally, as long as reading is at or above 1280ppm, I really don't care what it is especially if I'm not adding magnesium supplments to where I could be overdosing. Might would track it more closely if I was way off and adding lots of supplements to get back on track. So if it's 40ppm...
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    Red sea PO4 test kit or hanna checker

    I'm not aware of any titration style test to be accurate enough for really trying to track phosphate levels. Even the Hanna phosphate is only accurate to .04ppm which too is pretty useless when your trying to track levels in the .02 range. Hanna HI736 model is the way only way to go if you want...
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    Ph Dropping after adding Corals

    Co2 levels and Alk levels are the main factors for pH in saltwater. If your Alk has been steady then it's Co2 levels. Not levels will vary in your tank from photosynthesis and respiration but tracked with a meter you will see the normal shifts due to this process.