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  • Thank you for your pictures of the screen top for the rimless tank. I just lost my midas blenny this morning, he must have thought since there wasn't an edge that the water just kept going,....any one else have this thought? He didn't jump in a tank with a top rim even thought it wasn't screened.

    I ordered the kit from BRK and the clips too. But it's really too late,....he's gone. I am heart broken! There is nothing like a golden midas blenny with bright blue eyes staring at you out of a barnicle.
    Hi davocean,

    Regarding your message: "I'm shipping the C0-1 back to you tomorrow, I would love to just exchange them and pay the difference if that is possible, or whatever would have one reserved for me. I'm not sure what kind of stock you have on these."

    We currently have 50 x Q-2 and 50 x Q-3 available. I'm not sure if you've made specific arrangements with our customer support team, but you may want to give them a jingle to see if an exchange is possible. We can be reached at 1-800-566-FISH (3474).

    Jeff @ MD
    Hi there davocean I was seeing if there any way I could ask you if you could draw up some planes for a stand and a canopy for me if that would be ok my tank is a 120 it's 48x24x24 and the canopy I would want to have the front come off for I can still do my water changes and the top to open up but I need to have my led light in there but I need the light to be 14" above the water and I'm going to put two fans in there some kind of way to blow in the tank to give it that ocean hair and two or three Lil cooling fans to keep the light cool can you help me
    Sorry to hear MachPilot, could very well be a bad silverside.
    Possibly a hard lesson learned but at least you did not lose all in tank like I did once, and now stick w/ safer alternatives like scallops and shrimp, Mysis.
    Good luck, hope it pops up.
    Post pics
    Active anemone/SW enthusiast for many years. Have a current tank sporting a combination of 13 rose tips, two carpets (blue and red), a sebae, and a LTA. Multiple clown pairs in various anemones. Thriving tank.
    Recently fed my purple LTA a small silverside (head, tail removed) - 8 hrs later it was shrinking (as most do when expelling waste). It shrank more...then disappeared under the sand with just a few tentacles visible.
    A few days later = no tentacles visible. Its been 4 1/2 days. no sight of him. Saw your post about your LTA disappearing for a week. Praying thats all it is.
    I fear it was a bad silverside to which I will never fed my anemones again.
    Thoughts?....sick to my stomach over possibly losing this beautiful specimen.

    Hey keeps saying upload failed could I get your number and I can send you a few pics of the rose bulb anemone
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