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    Dave's 360 is for sale

    Tank is sold and you don't have to lift it again Koddie Doo. LOL
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    Apex help

    You could use a 110v relay with a normally closed set of contacts. the contacts would be wired to 12v dc remote alarm powered by a battery back up. The 110v coil would be energized by your apex outlet which would hold the relay contacts open. If the power fails or the apex turns on any alarm...
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    Need some help.

    +1 It took me 3 days to catch my sail fin but he got tired of watching all the other fish eat and gave up. :)
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    looking for a 40 breeder for a sump

    I have a new one also that I am not going to use. I got it at a petco sale.
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    Koddie Doo.2

    Looking good Kevin :thumbsup:
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    anybody from il still atound

    Still going where?:uhoh2:
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    The end will come
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    What do you guys do?

    HVAC service teck / Pipefitter. I have laid a lot of pipe in my day. :D
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    Party at Nook's, Thursday, August 1st!

    Thanks Dave and Ann. Jackie and I had a awesome time as always. The food was to die for but the Margaritas about killed me. LOL Or was it the shots that Vspeck was passing around:lol: Which ever it was, I am glad I took off today. Thanks again.:beer:
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    Party at Nook's, Thursday, August 1st!

    See you about 5:30 or 6:00. We are bring triple berry cobbler.
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    SLASH Second Top Coral Farmer Contest

    Last time I counted I had 13. Not much change here.
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    Party at Nook's, Thursday, August 1st!

    Jackie and I will be there. Not sure what we are bringing yet. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I will have a driver this year and we are both off on Friday so this could get ugly.:uhoh3:
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    Poker Run Saturday July 13th!

    It was fun:thumbsup: Just wish I could have went the distance.:(
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    Happy 4th of July

    Happy Fourth everybody!! I will spend the day smoking some baby back ribs and blue gill fish with my granddaughter. :D Be safe everyone.:blown:
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    Georgia Aquarium

    I have always wanted to go there.:spin1: