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    ro/di system question.

    No don't drink it. I mean it's no different than tap water that you drink all the time but I believe it's more condensed in the stuff that is filtered. However it is perfectly safe for plants and other things around your house. Another thing you can do is get a second membrane kit and piggy...
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    i found a baby trochus!

    I have one corner of my tank that has literally a few hundred of these little guys come out only at night. It's so many that you can't see through the glass. Amazes me how they know when the lights are about to come on in the morning because 30ish minutes before the lights come on the sink...
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    live sand form "the living sea" at the florida gulfarium

    Geez KafudaFish why don't you leave your unproductive comments to yourself?? Sk8r - maybe I'm not seeing this clearly - I'm game to watch the progress of the tank since someone like yourself with such experience thinks it will work. I'm definitely an open mind!
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    dwarf octopus??

    Unless you have a 100% locked up system, don't get one. These guys can morph better than a T-5000 from Terminator 2. They will find a way to get out. One video/story I've heard in the past is an octopus at a fish store would patiently wait (yeah they are smart little guys) until everyone left...
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    RO/DI unit help

    Buckeye Field Supply has their premium 75gpd unit with all the bells and whistles for $160ish. I too live in a one bedroom apartment and we have our unit connected to the clothes washer cold water line.
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    live sand form "the living sea" at the florida gulfarium

    Why did you buy this sand over just a bag of dry sand that you could have guaranteed was a virgin sand with no impurities or issues with it? Now with your tank if anything starts showing up, algae, cyano, parameters going everywhere, etc it could easily be from leaching out of the sand. Best...
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    Video ADDED. Coralife Super Skimmer not foaming up, huge bubbles.

    Yeap, glad you found your answer. Freshwater the water is lighter than saltwater (thus the 1.024 magic number in salinity = the weight due to the salt in the water).
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    New Zoo Med T5 Bulbs - Anyone Tried Them?

    Boy I just seen the actinics and those are deeper darker than any other bulb I've seen including UVL, ATI and Geiseman. I'm quite impressed by the depth of the actinic. The 6500k's do have a pure bleach white look about them until they go over water then it's a yellowish tint for sure. Thanks...
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    Wow- just TERRIBLE

    Couldn't agree more sasharotty and rockinsmall, I too was a Aqua Cave victim. Pay more and no elsewhere!
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    My 1st order I'm not very impressed

    Same BS happened to me too. I did one order for T5 bulbs a year ago and no notification, email or phone call to tell me the item on their site that was "in stock" was backordered. I had to learn this when my much awaited package arrived, I open the package and get a hand written note in sloppy...
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    New Zoo Med T5 Bulbs - Anyone Tried Them?

    I have and like always it gets ignored there. Anything I post in the lighting and filtration forum has never been beneficial to me. I honestly stay in the new to the hobby forum because I've found it's the most responsive, nicest and best people on RC.
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    RO/DI buying advice, SpectraPure or BRS?

    I'd go with Buckeye Field Supply. Russ is a member here with his own 300 gallon tank, prices are amazing, insane quality, customer service and filters are the cheapest I've found anywhere. I'll also add that Russ builds each unit to your personal needs/wants. You don't get a mass produced...