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  • That sounds great! I bought a ACII with temp. and Ph probe, and a couple x-10 modules (which I must admit, I'm not really sure what these are anyways). It also had a DC8 with it but, he traded it off to another person after he commited to me. So I ended up with everything but the dc8 for 60.00. Seems like a deal, I haven't gotten it yet.
    I will take it, I can pick it up from you on Saturday or Sunday depending on which is best for you. I have some stuff to pick up from Paul as well, so maybe I can make a run at both. I can either paypal you or just give you the cash when we hook up. Let me know. Texting might be the best way to get a hold of me right now but, either way text or call. 330-815-3466
    Hey Keith,

    I was looking to upgrade my CA reactor and wondered if you can build me one to my specs. I`m using a coralife(dont laugh it was free) one now and I think it`s a 3" tube and it fits in the space I have. I think the base plate can be up to 4" wide and pretty much as long as it needs to be. Probably no more than 12-14". If it`s possible I`d like a dual chamber. The tube on this one is 12" tall and that seems to fit pretty good. Let me know if it`s possible. I`m in no hurry for it. Last time we talked you said you had alot of side work so no rush.

    Thanks, Dave
    Well I can still make an outstanding offer to your co-worker. The skimmer is still in gr8 shape. He will just need the tubing, clamp and a pump. $70.00 to a new home- retail on them is at least $139.00 + shipping
    Hi Keith
    Just a reminder that I still what the light I am going Florida for two weeks,when I come back on the 2nd of Dec. that weekend I would like to pick it up.)the check is in the mail) lol
    Mike Hope things are well with you and your family
    Can u tell me how much would it cost me to get a sump 7ft long 18 inches tall and 18 inches deep made out of polypropylene?
    How is the progress on our calcium reactor? My sump room should be ready in couple of weeks.i am thinking of putting a 500gal + tank downstairs facing the bar area. so there is a lot of planning i am going thru

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