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    BTA with funky tentacles

    I know there is little understanding about why some bubble tips maintain bubbly tentacles and others get longer tentacles, but I'm hoping maybe someone may have a little insight into this for me. I've had a rainbow BTA for about a year now in my 8-year-old 90-gallon tank. It has always appeared...
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    wicked lasers new 1 Watt

    With a high optical density, the saltwater would cause the light to bend dramatically so aiming might be difficult, especially if there's even the tiniest ripple in the water. Even if you could aim it right, I don't know how much real light intensity you'd get shooting the laser through the...
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    LTA Question

    Thanks for the help. One more question: everything I read says this nem prefers a deep sand bed - and it seems like I read something about it liking really fine grained sand or mud. Currently I just have regular aragonite sand, grain size about 2mm, about 2-3"deep. Is this fine enough sand...
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    LTA Question

    Hi. I just acquired a green long tentacle anemone, which I believe is quite healthy and robust. It seems fairly happy already down in my sand bed, and hasn't moved too much, although I won't expect it to be fully comfortable for a little while longer. Anyway, I was wondering what their...
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    GBTA Trouble

    OK. I'm new to RC, and a little less new to reef keeping, but I have a problem. When I started my first reef, I made the mistake of putting a green BTA in only a month or so after setting up the tank. Parameters weren't stable and the nem eventually died. Several months later, my tank is more...