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    hi everyone

    By the time the return pump reaches the return its more like 200 GPH and maynot even be enough flow for the sump.Dont use the resturn pump in the main tanks flow needs.The small amount it may help will never matter. Then if the 2 koralias arent #4's then your lacking flow and even if they are...
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    does MH lighting reduce nuisance algae in comparison to T5?

    Great looking tank. Flow sounds fine. Adding a MH would only help with coral color and growth. If you do just remember to reduce the main light time and bring up slow over a week or two to prevent algea blooms.
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    Fish Food

    Well it is better to feed a mix of food like 4 or 5 types and then alternate there use. Most larger pet chains sell frozen food.
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    Tang question

    A pic cant really give the full effect. Just shoot for a minimum of 20 times water flow rate and not useing return pumps or filters as part of this number. Then powerhead placement just as important.
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    What corals with these lights?

    Well your wanted stock and budget would help.
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    Denitrifying quality of live rock?

    Lr will convert nitrate and ammonia into nitrogen in proper conditions and flow is high on that list. Same with the SB. But its not just the LR , its also the pods and unseen bacteria that all over the rock. It might be safe to say its what you cant see that matters. But if the load is greater...
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    Surge/Wave action without surge tanks?
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    Tang question

    Wow , nice coralline. Is that your main tank?
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    does MH lighting reduce nuisance algae in comparison to T5?

    How do you feed? How many gallons and whats used for water flow?
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    What corals with these lights?

    In a 75 gallon this would be low. Though not perfect take your tank size and divide by the amount of watts your getting for a watts per gallon % . Your is less then 1 watt per gallon. SPS for instance like 5 watts or better. SO the more watts you get the better off you will be.
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    How often do you feed?

    In a FOWLR tank with only omnivores this might be fine for algea control but any carnivores would be unhappy and some omnivores would like a better balance of food , coral cant graze so this would mean much less food source for them.
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    Tang question

    Tangs can have flukes and if it doesnt stress out then you will never know it. Do you have it in the tank now?
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    Lets figure this out...I am mixing new saltwater and there is a floating scum on top!

    I agree and the salt brand and still think you may have to much flow.
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    Tang question

    Lightbulb moment. Yes , macro algea would add O2.Good point. Anyway adding some more flow in there would work very fast and you should see a change in the current stocks activities.