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    What is the most colorful reef safe fish out there?

    Very open question...everyone will have a different stated above some wrasses...your many to choose from...
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    Wrasse ID please

    Best photo I can get as this thing never sits still...sold at a LFS as just a wrasse, no specifics, at a price I could not pass up. My guess is either a blue head fairy wrasse or fine spotted fairy wrasse (it does have small spots if you look at it under no lighting)...
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    wooot winner winner chicken dinner

    What makes this fish different...Im not trying to cause any issues, just wondering...
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    Yellow Coris and Christmas Wrasse

    good deal...they are going into a were they toward others???
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    What fish has bitten you

    Undulated Trigger...Owww No hit and runs either...bite and bite and bite
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    Yellow Coris and Christmas Wrasse

    I have a mixed reef and have the chance to add both these fish from another members tank. How reef safe are they, I know every fish is different...I have tons of nassarius snails, couple hermits, 1 large cleaner shrimp and 2 peppermints. Any suggestions or comments would be great...:bounce1:
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    Help please!!! Cleaner red skunk shrimp dying:'(

    how old is the tank??? and i agree shrimp are very sensitive to water changes...
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    Death at Walmart

    I don't either...Only two things I have to get from there but I make the wife go...that place disgusts me...:headwalls:
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    Changing to ATI Bulbs...Need Some Advice

    What is your set up as far as ballast and bulbs???
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    Changing to ATI Bulbs...Need Some Advice

    I am going to be changing to ATI bulbs over my 75 gallon. Due to canopy constraints I can only use 4 bulbs. Questions...What ballast??? What bulb combinations??? What can I keep as far as corals with the 4 bulbs??? Any input would be great and if you have questions for me please let me know...
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    Columbus area stores

    I have my tank up and running now and would like to take a look around the Columbus area while I am in town over the next few days. I also saw a while back someone selling inverts on craigslist really cheap.
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    Calcium Reactor Issues/Questions

    I recently purchased a used reactor with CO2 tank and PH meter. Everything was given to me set up how it should be. I had the tank filled and followed the instructions to start it up. Now...I can not get the CO2 to go for bubble counts. PH will not go below 7.8...Any ideas???
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    Fake Anemones

    Wait to add all at once...
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    Yellow salt after mixing overnight?

    I had almost the same issue happen a week ago and called IO multiple times with no call back. Mine was mixed in and formed a "calcium like" substance on all of my like rock. Lucky I do not have fish in yet as all of my paramaters are now out of wack...I did a 50% water change with new water and...
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    fish safe trigger

    Agree 100%