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  • Hey Brother, I don't know where to look on here. My mixed reef tank was named TOTM back in 99 (might have been 2000) I don't have a single picture of that tank.

    Do you know if there is any info and pictures here ?

    Thank you
    Hi Larry,
    You may remember my handle from years ago, but I doubt it. You helped me with my tank setup which was broken down a while back. Anyway, I am moving to Texas and was clearing out crap from my basement and found a couple of items you may be interested. I used it to control the bubbles before the water entered the tank in the basement. I also found some plumbing items which you possibly can find a use for. Let me know if you're interested in picking them up. I live in Syosset.
    Crap! Doesn't look like I can attach pics. Text my cell and I will send the pics. 516-491-0690 Alex
    Is there still a reef club in central Ohio? I took a break from hobby.
    My user name works but can't see any info. Thank you
    Can you help me with my profile? I was online with R/C, a while back,and I did not see the rules.You knocked off a point from me for illegal selling.I am a (TBI) traumatic brain injury survivor.What I need to know is how to have anything that I post,be seen and by all members and all members to be able to reply back.I'm a analog man living in a digital world,I would appreciate any help you or the reef central administrators can give me.I just cant figure out how you're website works,it's kind of complicated for me.If you can go into my profile,and leave it open for everyone to reply to my post,that would be great,because I just don't know how to do it.
    HI "DgenR8", have copied "mhurley" as well.

    "Sugar Magnolia" pointed me to you as an Admin for the web site.

    I stared my ID="wbrejnia" thinking it was just and ID, that I could alias.

    I don't want to start an new ID which is not allowed, and I would lose my history.

    Is it possible to Change "wbrejnia" to "WallyWorld". I checked. Nobody using that ID.
    Can to explain the violation to me? Also where is this posted in the forum rules? And where are the forum rules even posted, since I checked the stickies and did not see anything there??
    Hi there,

    I live in Longwood, FL (Orlando) and have an entire reef system that I would like to post for sale on Reef Central.

    Is there rules of engagement on how I can go about posting this on Reef ?

    407-733-2000 mobile
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