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  • Hi. I have been having low ph issue for few weeks now. Tried many places but cannot seem to get a solution.
    My tank is 250 ltr with sump. Have some soft and some lps coral and three fishes. My tank ph keeps dropping. Kh is at 8.9, ph 7.8,calcium 440, magnesium 1260. Even using kalk on ato cannot raise the ph. If i start dosing kalk the ph will rise around 8. But as soon as i stop kalk it comes back down around 7.8-7.77. Measuring ph using seneye ph meter and digital probe. Tank is in a open area and getting fresh air. Do you have any advise on how to raise it. Even with lights on ph dont go up.
    Thank you for your support.
    My tank: http://youtu.be/951yB0PHSu4
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