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  • Hey, I saw you were helping with some ATO code in an old thread. I was wondering if you could help me out. I am having some trouble with boolean variables, at least I think that's the issue. The code I have right now works but I would like to make some changes to incorporate max run times. I have three float switches; two in the sump and one in the ato container to prevent the pump from running dry. The code is pretty basic. Can you assist? Thanks!

    Here is the link to the code.
    Ya that avatar came from a series of pics that I posted, passed on to all, lol. There are more in that series that you might like.
    Is it just me or do you feel the need to insert "nitrate factory" in as many places I can find that it fits?
    Hi Disc1,

    My name is Shawn. I am a scientist working on nanotechnology in Little Rock, AR. Our company is located in 61st street of LR.

    Now I am working on a project of light emitting diodes. I have bought two character LCD displays, which are displayable if we can use an Arduino system to get it work. Unfortunately, I didn't play it before at all. I searched through google using the keywork "Arduino, little rock" and found you post in this forum. Really happy for me to get that.

    I am wondering whether you can help me a little bit to setup an Arduino system and get my project going? Your helps are highly appreciated. May I have your contact information please?

    Or, instead, I can be reached at:

    This is my phone number: 407-453-3550
    and my email address: liuxiong918@gmail.com

    Thank you..

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