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    White LEDs

    I believe this is the one. Thank you very much.
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    White LEDs

    There is a very long thread about white LEDs being harmful/not needed for reef tanks somewhere in this section. I simply can't find it. If you saved its link, would you mind sharing it please? Thanks
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    Water flow rate for different jumpers

    Hello, I use several Tunze 6055 pumps in my reef tank. I would like to know how much water flow the following jumpers provide if at all possible please. Looking at the manual, 24V must provide 5500 lph and 12V must provide 1000 lph. I do not think there is a linear relationship between voltage...
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    My 65G Shallow Reef Tank

    Thank you. Due to lack of space, I have started to place frags or sometimes larger pieces on this coral. [url=]
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    My 65G Shallow Reef Tank

    Latest tank shots:
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    My 65G Shallow Reef Tank

    Thank you Mark. It is nice to hear from my RC friends once again. I hope you are well and your tank is going strong. I have put the fish disaster behind me but sadly this has left a scar. That said, I am now really happy with my current fish stock, which are all healthy. Hopefully, they should...
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    My 65G Shallow Reef Tank

    Thank you Ed. I had no idea you followed my tank thread on UR. Thanks. My tank went sideways but bounced back eventually. Once you have experience like that you do not want to add anything to tank. Even a snail, crab or even a shrimp has to be quarantined first before adding to the tank.
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    My 65G Shallow Reef Tank

    After a long break, it is an update time. I still have the same tank and the same corals, even though the aquascape was changed radically to accommodate new corals as well as the needs of some of the old corals that have become simply very large. My fish tank suffered from marine velvet back...
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    The T5 Q&a Thread - split

    Below is my recommendation: front ATI blue+ ATI coral+ ATI actinic ATI aquablue special ATI purple+ ATI blue+ ATI coral+ ATI blue+ back
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    Tropic Marin Reef Actif

    Facebook is messing about with Facebook pages. All my notes (read this all my hard work) have disappeared. I can still get them though, but people like yourself cannot find them directly. It is so annoying. Here it is...
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    Top down shots

    Hi Ed, I am looking forward to seeing the photos of your new tank.
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    Lyretail anthias male purchased looks like popeye

    It is likely that your fish is suffering from bacterial infection. You need to treat it with appeopriate medication, such as Seachem KanaPlex or Waterlife Myxazin.
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    Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Salt and PO4

    Dear all, Quite a lot of us in the UK have recently discovered that TM Pro-reef salt contains phosphates that cannot be ignored. I opened a brand new tub a few days ago and tested PO4 using Elos high resolution test kit and it was between 0.046 and 0.092 mg/L. A friend of mine measured 21 ppb...
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    Rebirth - 1500l

    My teaching is online too and will remain so beyond September.
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    Tropic Marin Reef Actif

    You can find detailed information on Reef Actif in a dedicated Note in my Facebook page (@troutsReefTank). Click the Notes section. I have been using this product ever since I published that note back in May 2017. It definitely works.