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    VERSA release date?

    Yup, they fixed the push connect issues (I had the issue on one of mine, they resolved it super fast). I’ve had mine about a month now. I’m using a pair for AWC pushing more than 40’ away, works like a champ.
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    green nepthea turn black

    Do you run any carbon? It’s possible you have some chemical warfare going on and the nepthea is the loser of the battle.
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    A Few Corals

    Have a few frags just taking up space, looking for a new home: 1. TNT Anacropora $25 2. Paletta Baby Blue Stag $20 3. Orange...
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    WTB: Easy to grow SPS

    I have a few; purple austera, miyagi tort and blue tip stag.
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    d2mini's "Essential Focus" Mixed Reef Build

    That’s impressive hand-held macro! I have a Canon 100mm Macro, I cannot hand-hold it for crap trying to get a quality image of a coral...
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    What are the new Xport products from Brightwell Aquatics?

    I have not used the xport, but have used the marine pure; neither are instant, they take time (which can be weeks) to seed and begin to work. Did you rinse any excess dust before adding them to the tank? Or soak and seed them with bacteria?
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    Wtb: mp40qd and dosers

    Have a jebao 4-head doser.
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    LF: Blue Milli

    Looking for a blue milli, Palmer's or any other blue.
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    FSL: GHL Doser2 Stand Alone

    This is the white stand alone version with 4 heads. Perfect condition. Purchased used, but never used it. Comes complete with original box. Asking $300.
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    New Ricordea- Not sure it's doing well.

    Just keep it shaded (you don’t need tank lights off- just put it under an overhang or the like). They can take a couple weeks (if not longer to settle in) and as mentioned, it may never. It is a very sensitive coral after collection and transport around the world. Light acclimation is a very...
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    New Ricordea- Not sure it's doing well.

    Don’t both killing pumps and direct feeding. Just shade it.
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    New Ricordea- Not sure it's doing well.

    at first glance it looks like a yuma to me, but without seeing the mouth, cannot be certain. I would just err on the side of caution. Yumas as mentioned are plenty more sensitive initially. I start all of mine in the shade. They may sit there for weeks adjusting, but you will see be able to see...
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    New Ricordea- Not sure it's doing well.

    The gaping mouth is not a positive sign. Has the mouth been like that, or recent development or just does it from time to time. With gaping mouth hard to see the tentacle structure. Do the tentacles go right to the mouth or is there a little separation between the mouth and the tentacles...