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    Looking for computer help with tank design in mind

    Youre only allowed one in-wall tank per house...havent you read the new builders code? Haha...JK, I havent even seen the first one finished. How have you been? Im missing the hobby and fellow AZ reefers a lot. Ill be in town late Dec..not sure how much time I have, but maybe we can do a reef...
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    OT Motorhead's?

    Beautiful...thats a large turbo...should be FUUUN! Ill let you know when Im back in town. Take care -Jay
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    OT Motorhead's?

    You finally got her ehh! Very Nice! One day when Im back in town we will have to go for an MR2/Supra romp -Jay
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    Saturday December 17th FRAG HOLIDAY PARTY!!!!!

    " 1'' Forgot what it is $10 (Branching Spongodes? FAST grower)" HC - This looks like German Blue Digi if the colors are true to the pic. -JP
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    I started using 2-part, then went CA reactor and that was the best decision I ever made. 2-part is such a PITA in my opinion and once a CA reactor is dialed in, you pretty much NEVER have to touch it - just refill media very seldom. Long run the CA reactor is WAY cheaper too. Plus, having a...
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    my advice would be to get rid of the kalk topoff and add a CA reactor. Your kalk topoff could be contributing to your Alk swings. Mine did and I ditched it for a CA reacotr and that worked awesome. In reality though, a swing like that in alk isnt that big of a deal and most corals would not...
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    Items for sale

    DAYUM Good Prices. By the way, your oceans motions is a 4-way (you just have the plugs in so it is operatign currently as a 2-way). Insane prices on some high end equip - wish I could get back in the hobby to snap this stuff up. -JP
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    SPS for Sale!

    Hows the grapejuice lookin for you now Kataro? I still miss it and the rest of my tank. Your other pieces look like theyve colored up very nicely - nice work -JP
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    Ideas for Work Tank Setup

    Thanks Eva! I do remember your work pico (never did see it though, so you could have made it all up) :) Let me know if you remember what you did during building shutdowns. I still have to talk to the boss about it...and decide if I really want to do it. -JP
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    Why does my firefish always 'hide'?

    Ive had a couple firefish (5 to be exact). one always Hid - ALWAYS. The others were usually out and about. One was 50% out/50% hide. I think it all depends on the individual fish. Nothing was different in my scenarios, but one fish never came out. Dont take it personally :) -JP
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    LeeMar 125g reef ready aquarium for sale

    This is a very nice tank setup. Che buys only the best stuff and takes very good care of it.
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    Few tanks for sale

    Boooooo.... You failed Che... Gave up on your project I see :(
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    Ideas for Work Tank Setup

    LOL - Jason. My coworkers would probably believe me too. I like the idea of a small pico, but they are just soooo small and limit your coral selection so much. This is tough. I guess I should ask if a tank would be allowed first, as that would put the kaibash on the whole idea if they arent...
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    Ideas for Work Tank Setup

    Haha..a mantis tank would be pretty cool... Decisions decisions...
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    Ideas for Work Tank Setup

    Itd be fun to setup my old CA reactor, Osmolator, & Aquacontroller on a nano :) -JP