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  • Hi Dave –How is your aquarium?
    We are moving into our first home soon.
    Sue and I are so excited to make a home for Sophia.
    It’s been a long time since I have been on reef central.

    I wanted to know if you know how to move my 55 gal. Aquarium?
    I’m thinking of up grading to a 45 gal. Tank but I don’t know if my equipment could handle a 45 gal. Tank.

    My light are 2 – 175 watt 15000k metal halide bulb, 2 – 54 watt aqua blue T5
    Deltec external protein skimmer MCE600
    Live rock work, 2 – 3 inches of live sand
    Hi Dave,
    Are you going to the meeting in DEC? I was wondering if you have any other frags for sale? I havent been on in awhile. I had to move my tanks to my mothers house last summer and lost EVERYTHING. A few thousand in coral not to mention fish etc. I was going to give it up but like a hard head like the rest of us I can't. I bought a house and I will be starting the tanks over. I have a 20long frag tank set up now. Will be moving the other tanks in a week. I kept them running. Pm me and let me know if not then keep me in mind when you frag next time.
    Thanks Toni
    Dave how is your lighting unit placed over the tank.
    If I get a metal Halide I would like to place it on top of the tank with out a space.
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