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  • Hi , sorry for all the questions it's hard to get info on CP. Ny tank volume is about 375 gallons so just to make sure would 27 grams be ok to dose if I left the rocks in tank? I know i will lose some because of that. Right? Really appreciate it. Tom
    hey I'm friends with hedgedrew and i wanted to ask you a question about a fish I'm getting. I have a harlequin tusk and do you think if i add a bowers parrot fish to the tank they will be compatible?? please respond
    Derek, sdc has medium griffin Angels in stock for a special price of $199. Idk if you can get your LFS to order one for u if they have an acct with them
    how ya been> have not heard from ya in a few days hope all is going good with ya! all my fish doing good just did water changes and got my diatom filter running on one of my tanks now will let it run over nite then swap it to another tank in the morning! got me a tiny clown trigger and a 4inch harliquin tusk from LA DD will be here tuesday! i might get a 280 gallon tank monday from a local guy canopy top and stand and a flugal filter for 900 i dont think thats to bad of a deal! i had a clown trigger about 7 years ago i like them but they can get mean mine never did holler at me when u get time call me or text me 601-988-8400 michael
    It is the Desjaradini sailfin, this one is beautifully colored and I haven't seen any this striking before. I wish he was mine. Mine is just starting to change from juvenile to adult
    HI Dmorty -- I am wondering what kind of fish your avatar is? it's beautiful! It looks sort of like a red-sea sailfin tang, but the colors are way more varied than any i have seen? thanks, tony
    Hey you sorry POS that lives in your parents basement and collects off the government. Have some time off from your job at McDonald's do you? Speaking of women has one ever even looked your way? Probably not since you still live at home with mommy and daddy, actually your dad probably isn't even in your life is he? Probably left your mom and you while he had the chance.
    Derek, did you learn to keep your fish alive. You killed at least 45 fish out of the 49 fish you bought in 2015. You are destroying our reefs. Don't buy fish until you can keep them alive.

    Your wife is a whore.
    Your a sad sad little boy. Worry about moving out of your parents basement stop being so jealous of what I have and you dont
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