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  • Sure I'll put together a diagram on how it works, and some of the pitfalls that come from using the ATO. I'm glad your ATS is working. I get a lot of brown stuff in the bottom of the ATS as well. I just pull it out once in a while. It's pretty gross.

    It's funny, Groundhog day is my Birthday. It's just funny you mentioned it.

    I'm not sure if I can post pics in the Private message area, but if I can't I'll start a thread on it.

    Hi Aaron,I have succesfully got an ATS built and operating, following your style of build. I am getting good coverage on my screen of brown slime,that I must clean about every 5 days. Also getting brown material in my box. Is that normal? I cleaned 1/2 cup plus, when I cleaned it today. I have yet to get any GHA, but I don't have any in my DT either
    My phosphate levels have not dropped as of yet, But with the growth I am getting on the screen I feel it is only a matter of time.
    I am also intrested in your ATO system, if you could give me some info.
    Our local ground hog "Punxy Phill " saw his shadow this morning, 6 more weeks of winter.
    I will be very happy if that is all that we get. Been very open so far this winter. We live about 15 mile from his borrow. Hard to believe thousands of people come to witness this.
    I'm 70 years old and have yet to go experience this.
    If you could supply any info, thank you very much. Bob

    Thanks for the questions. I'll post my replies in the thread in the DIY section so that everyone can learn. The problem with those popular threads is that many posts get pushed down and away very quickly.
    Hi Aaron, T am very interested in your ATS build. I have purchased a battery bow andscreen material. I sent a post to your build sight on dyi, an when I checked it today it must have been moved, an I am not computer litteret enough to know kow to find it.
    I was wondering how you mounted the water screen tub at the supply end. I loohs different than your orignial set up. Also do you cut the tie straps each time you need to change bulbs? I think your set up will work well on my 32 gal bow front. After I get the ATS up and operating, do you have an explanition on how your ato works?
    Thank you so much for any help. Bob
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