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    Can I use Acetic Acid for a Ca Reactor instead of pressurized CO2?

    Like the title suggests, Since the object of adding CO2 to the Ca reactor is to lower the PH to between 6.4 and 6.7 in order to gently dissolve the media, why can't that same principal be accomplished with a vinegar drip, and have the added benefit of adding a carbon source to promote healthy...
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    Aquascaping Dry Rock

    I use cheap carbon arrow shafts from wallmart. About 2 bucks per rod so it doesn't break the bank.
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    Idea for Faux sand bed. Envirotex Lite high gloss finish.

    Thanks for the bump, but was there a question in here? I'd be happy to talk about what went on.
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    Cyano or Algae? (pic)

    Diatoms. Self limiting. Not to difficult to deal with, just wait them out. Blow them off your nice corals with a baster. They'll go away soon.
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    Nano -> 50G in a health food store. (upgrade)

    I've never fed a shroom or a zoa on purpose, they'll get plenty from the water column, and the lights. For overall better poly extension, I love to add a little mag chloride mixed into fresh RO/DI water. Just a couple of teaspoons in a gallon and drip into the sump for top off. I do this about...
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    acoustic foam for sump?

    What is causing the noise? Water flowing? Pumps buzzing? Pumps hitting the glass causing an annoying rattle? Some things to try. 1. Make sure there is a soft tubing portion between the pump and the plumbing. This dampens the vibration of the pump and can really quiet the pump down. 2. Lift pumps...
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    Float Valve in DI water Station Pics

    I was asked to provide pics of my float valve setup in my 25 gallon DI water station barrel. Here you go. Here's what my system looks like. It has two Ace Roto mold 25 gallon jugs. They come with a cap that has a spring loaded pressure cap, so that when the jugs get pressurized, they can be...
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    My YOUTUBE video of my surge device/wavemaker

    If the power goes off, the water will siphon out of the pump back into the tank, and the pump will fail to re-start after the outage. This will run that pump dry and burn it up. You NEED to put the pump in the tank to run this surge. Other than that, I like the surge design.
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    Starboard/False Sand Bed?

    The biggest mistake anyone considering doing this could make is, DO NOT POUR THE SAND EPOXY MIXTURE DIRECTLY ON THE BOTTOM OF THE AQUARIUM. When the epoxy expands from temperature differences, it expands at a different rate than the glass bottom causing the entire bottom of the aquarium to fail...
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    Starboard/False Sand Bed?

    I did it. I was happy with it. No problems with it once cured, but the surface quickly gets covered with algae just like any other surface. Hope it works. You can search for Faux sand bed and you'll find more info. Infact you may even be able to find my picture thread of how I did it. Good...
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    ato options

    Here's what I use.
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    What's the prettiest tang there???

    I love the red sea Desjardin (sailfin) tang as well. (Has to be the red sea variety)
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    Lets Hear Those Fish Names!!!!

    I have two Bangii Cardinals named Ansel and Adams.
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    What is this despised algae?!

    I know you are scrubbing it daily, but how do you actually remove it? Do you use a filter sock while you are scrubbing? That's how I would get rid of the dead remains of the scrubbed algae. This will serve two purposes, it will also remove a large part of the nutrients that are causing this...
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    YOUTUBERS !! starting a video build series for my NANO CUBE !!

    Here ya go <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="420" height="315"...