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    FS: Beginner SPS Frags

    Hi All, I have 3x Forest Fire Montipora Digitata ($20/ea) 3x Blue Polyp Montipora Digitata ($20/ea) 1x TNT Anacropora ($25) All are between 1.5-2" with between 3-4 branches cut about a week ago. Please send me a text for pictures! 954-six51-4889
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    Looking for Calc Reactor

    I'm looking to buy a calc reactor that can support at least 250-300gal. Spare tanks and other parts welcomed. I have a continuous duty pump and extra pH probes already. Please PM me or post here!
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    Looking to buy SPS Frags

    Title says it all. I'm looking for SPS corals. Ideally, I'm looking for harder to find acros, leptos, porites, encrusting monti, or pavona. Frags or colonies! Post here or PM me. I'm in Fort Lauderdale, but will drive 3 hours in either direction for something special.
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    Making a comeback - lots of questions.

    Look into TANK DEPOT for the storage tanks. I use their 75gal variation for storing RO and mixing saltwater for my ATO and AWC. They have solid bulkheads that make plumbing them easy and they arent that pricey. I have my tanks about 40-50 feet away in my garage and ran the lines (RO tubing) up...
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    FS: Clean Chaeto

    Lauderdale-by-the-sea area. I don't right now, but will have some in a week or so
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    FS: Clean Chaeto

    Two months ago I was looking for it, and now I have more than I know what to do with. - Aiptasia/bristleworm/brittle starfish free - Covered in pods - It's been growing in a coral free system for 2 months (Pretty safe from coral predators) Handful for $10 local pickup only (Fort Lauderdale &...
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    Harlequin Shrimp question

    I hate the idea of buying a fish/invert for a purpose without a plan for after. Not sure about Urchins and Harlequins, but I'd make sure you have a decent environment for the shrimp and a constant supply of food for them post asterina. In my opinion, just suck them (asterinas) out during...
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    Look for *Clean* Chaeto

    Hey everyone, title says it. I'm looking for clean chaeto. Free of aiptasia/flatworms/etc Im in Fort Lauderdale area but work in Miami. I can drive to meet you
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    FS Chrysurus Angelfish 5"

    My pleasure! Absolutely beautiful fish and it'll have a nice, new, and big home. Thanks again
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    Ecotech Vectra L2

    It's a great pump. Definitely worth the price if anyone is looking!
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    LF Plastic Water Storage Tank 75 - 150 gallons

    Yup! They're located on Dixie Highway about two blocks north of Cypress Creek the West side in Pompano Beach! Best place around
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    FS: Redsea 425XL & More

    Sold! Thanks to the buyer! Went home with some nice shelf rock too!
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    Looking for a Chiller

    Title says it all! I'm looking for a good to great condition chiller in the 1/4-1/2hp range. Anyone have anything lying around? Thanks, Ed