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    Removing fish from SPS tank for 2 months

    Read the link I put in, garlic isn't helping your fish, including making them eat more. It is your imagination. In retrospect I commend the marketing gurus who made the myth so popular in this hobby. It is possible to rid your tank of ich, read...
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    Removing fish from SPS tank for 2 months

    It seems you meant well, but your post is full of misinformation. Garlic will not help ich, it is more likely to hurt the fish. For more info check out Ich doesn't go away, you just don't see...
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    WTB Silver Tip Xenia

    No you don't, trust me.
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    Any ideas how to raise your skimmer?

    I used the PVC method for years. Just take a 3 inch or wider piece of PVC, have them cut it the right length at home Depot. If you want it to sink, glue some rock to it.
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    Need help identifying algae

    The leafs grow up to an inch long. What will get rid of it? This is a 30 gallon tank, so can't do Foxface.
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    So who is going to the CMAS SWap April 28, 2018???

    Exactly. How is it $5 when you have to pay a $2.33 service fee? Is there something we're missing?
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    Maxwells reef video June 2016

    Unbelievable tank. Do you still have the KH Guardian? How do you feel about it?
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    LF 90 Gallon Tank + Stand

    Taller stand if possible.
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    Bonsai Reef..starting to stock

    That first coral is a cyphastrea
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    First successful aquaculture of pacific blue tang

    I'm a big believer in getting everything captive bred. With a few tiny exceptions, everything in my tank was born in an aquarium. So this gives me the opportunity to grab a tang. I also hope they can start breeding them for a smaller size, allowing more people to have tangs appropriately.
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    Attn Xr30 G3 pro users

    So basically instead of doing it via the internet, you'd install their app on your phone, and connect your phone to the wifi broadcast by the lights themselves to modify the settings. At least from my understanding of their explanation.
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    Attn Xr30 G3 pro users

    I talked with them yesterday, and they told me the hds have their own wifi server, shouldn't you be able to do everything without connecting to your house wifi?