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    3d printing a tangential venturi for needlwhelll valves

    If you sketch it out on paper with some dimensions, I am willing to try, no promises, but I am newly retired and like doing this stuff
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    New tank mistake

    Might work Might work check these out: From CS: Continuous Siphon Overflows. CS50, CS90, CS100, CS102 CS150, CS202 RSS & RSSDX: Overflows Retrofit Surface Skimmer RSS05, RSS07, RSS12, RSS18, RSS24 RSS05DX, RSS07DX, RSS12DX, RSS18DX, RSS24DX Custom Size: Please...
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    How can I get rid of the green ugly anemone pests?

    Aptasia X Aptasia X Aptasia X works on common aptasia and it should work on these if they are aptasia. It will take patience if you have many.:uzi:
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    At this moment my skimmer is running in vinegar...

    Thanks Thanks Thanks, I will give it a go
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    At this moment my skimmer is running in vinegar...

    What is the strength of citric acid? I have seen it in powdered form? Thanks
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    ID Please

    Any idea as to what the tube-like thing is in the picture?
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    How to improve Duncan tentacle extension?

    Ducans Ducans I seem to have the same issue with 2 of the three in the tank. I can try some direct feeding I guess As an aside, What app are you using to keep your chemistry values It looks cool Thamks
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    Gryphon Aquasaw

    If you only want to use it for rock this could work. Probably not good for fragging corals.
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    Acrylic tanks bulkhead hole patch up--too many and wrong side

    Precise fit Precise fit You would need a very precise fit between the two pieces. They would have to be polished also for the weldon to work. Could you glue a flat piece over the holes so you were gluing 2 large flat surfaces? Post some pictures of the holes if you can.
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    is there auto frozen food feeders available? A DIY video or or
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    Acrylic Lid with Mesh Net

    If it's a small amount the safest way would be to sand it use medium grit. May take a while but it is controlled
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    Online retailers for supplies?

    Saltwater Aquarium
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    PVC glue dry time

    found on web After joining the pipes you must hold them together for 30 seconds until the plastic hardens or they can slip apart. It takes another 15 minutes for the joint to harden to a point at which it can withstand water pressure and two hours to fully cure. What Is the Cure Time for PVC...
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    Mandarin question

    Is there a way to see if you have pods. I have a 100 gal with plenty of rock and sand. It is going on 2 years. I know they are small but don't really see them
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    Coral gluing issues

    Glue on fingers solution Glue on fingers solution 1 you can wear powder-free nitrile gloves (home depot). ______________OR___________________ 2 Use Acetone (paint dept Home depot) OR Nail polish remover (CVS) to clean fingers after you are done. :fish1:It dissolves cyanoacrylate glue