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  • Hi , i was just reading your post on the lanthanum thread and i saw that you had ordered a
    derKroon LTH100 Lanthanum Reactor, can you tell me your impression about this unit and how it hold up ? I am planning also to set one on my new set up .

    Thanks in advance .

    Ok that sounds reasonable. Let me make sure I understand you. I am going to move all of the live stock I have (7 fish, 13 coral, 6 shrimp, and cuc) into my 20 G QT that has no rock or sand. Then I can use all of my mature LR in the new tank which will then have 50% LR and 50% base rock. This SHOULD cycle in a fairly short time. I will not be using any of the old sand in the new tank. The LFS I use is excellent and the sand we purchased appears to be very fresh and was quite wet. My hope is that it wont have too much negative impact on the cycle. So in my QT I simply monitor and water change as needed. Likely twice a week or more with that much bio load. Kelly wants to know if we can use the old tanks water in the qt? I do have high nitrates again which may be a result of the old substrate we used initially.
    Can you look at my latest post about bristle worms and id one for me :(, theres about 4-5 in this rock i just got, and 1 is huge.
    Quick Question:
    I have a 60 gallon tank complete with love rock, protein skimmer, filter, lights, everything I need to get started. Here is the stocking list I was thinking about, and I would love a second opinion.
    -2 Ocellaris Clownfish
    -1 Firefish
    -1 Green Mandarin (once my tank has enough growth on the live rock to sustain it)
    -1 Coral Beauty Angelfish
    -1 Royal Gamma
    -2 Yellow headed Jawfish
    -1 Falco Hawkfish
    -2 Six Line Wrasse

    What do you think? I would love to have your opinion!
    You posted to my 240gal / 65gal sump question. Since our tanks are similar, and specifically at this stage, I am looking for advice on running the drain(s) into the sump and then returning. I am thinking of running all three holes into the right side of the sump (where the skimmer will be), through the bubble trap into the DSB and live rock area, and then to the last section where the water will return to the DT.
    - Where should I place a calcium reactor?
    - Should I tee all three returns into the left side of the tank (so three PVC conduits coming into this area?
    - Where do I return the Calcium Reactor water too?
    I have 2 - 2 3/4" and 1 - 2" pre-drilled holes in my centrally located overfill box. My tank is a 240gal 60x36x25h glass in-wall DT.

    As you can see, this is my first sump set up and I have done lots of research but am looking for a similar situation to mine so that I can get this puppy fired up!! :) :) :)

    Thanks in advance!
    I am no expert but willing to try to help with my 8-10 yrs experience.
    i can be contacted at kwickstop@gmail.com
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