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  • Great DrBegalke. Thanks for the help. I went to Reef Culture, Aqua Touch and Fins & Friends over the weekend. I really like Reef Culture, They seemed knowledgeable and their prices are easier on the pocket book. I agree with Aqua Touch, a little expensive but they had a nice selection. Fins & Friends was a little small but okay. I will have to go to Aquarium Arts next time I am in the valley. Once again thanks for all the help. Cheers :beer:
    I see you are located in the Phoenix area. I live about 135 miles north of Phoenix. What LFS do you recommend down there? Thanks
    Right now I am building up everything for a 100 gallon reef tank. Just trying to get everything in order.
    I have been keeping african cichlids for sometime and just getting a little tired of all the massive water changes.
    Hopefully I should have everything up and running by this summer.
    I am currently looking at having a:
    - 40 gallon sump
    - Aquamaxx AM300-S skimmer
    - Danner 9.5 return pump
    - 60 Inch 4x54 Watt AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture
    - and some cooling fans for the lights.
    - 3 Hydor Koralia 4 Controllable Pumps & Wavemaker
    - Korallin C1502 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump
    - 2 twolittlefishies 150 reactors with GFO and Carbon not sure of the pump to run these.
    - Eheim Jager TruTemp 200 Watt Heater with RANCO Digital Cold Temperature Control
    and any other crazy thing I may need.
    What kind of system are you running with your 125?
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