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  • Hey Harry.
    Petco has a dollar per gallon sale going on. It will run til the mid of January and i was also wondering if the date and location has been scheduled for the January Meeting.
    Hello dr lopez. I am fellow reef hobbyist that is restarting. Just wanted some advice and to gain another friend in the hobby.
    Hey! Ive ready a few of your posts in the New York section prior to Ur invite. Ive been living the reef lifestyle for only about 6 months and finally starting my first build this month. Very Excited!
    are you ok with me stopping bye on saturday? & do you think you can have the fighting conches by then?
    hey I remember you off of MR. I was talking to triggerman. He told me a couple of reefers with knowledge got banded from MR. So i just wanted to add everybody that came to RC and find out what forums do yall be on here because RC is kinda big. lol
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