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    Cut new hole in Reef Octopus 110/150 EXT?

    I do have it running, although I haven't really gotten it tuned in yet. It's a nice skimmer, the biggest thing I noticed was how quiet the pump is compared to what I was replacing. Going to clean it tonight for the first time... there is scum in the skimmer body neck below the collection cup...
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    Cut new hole in Reef Octopus 110/150 EXT?

    Follow up in case anybody ever cares to do this in the future: Looking at the location of this on the skimmer body, and the angle it enters the body, I didn't want to drill out the stock fitting. I was able to up this to a 3/4" barb connection without any drilling though. I just cut the threads...
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    DIY: Protein Skimmer delay timer. Anybody have plans/schematic?

    As another failsafe you can also wire it in, through a relay in series, to a high-sump float switch. On occasion my return pump doesn't restart, and this could be used to hold out the circuit until the water level drops.
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    Cut new hole in Reef Octopus 110/150 EXT?

    I understand that the head pressure can change how much can flow through a 1/2" fitting, which is why I was asking in the original post if it would be safe to drill this out for a larger one. My last skimmer was also external, and I did the same thing - drilled out the 1/2" fitting to increase...
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    Cut new hole in Reef Octopus 110/150 EXT?

    You know, I set this up a good 6+ years ago and I haven't thought about it since. I'm using a Mag5 return pump with somewhere between 4-5 feet of head. Trying to remember back to my original setup, I thought I had around 200-250 GPH of flow. But pulling up the pump curves, it looks like this is...
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    Cut new hole in Reef Octopus 110/150 EXT?

    I'm looking at getting a new external skimmer, either the Reef Octopus 110 or 150. Both come with a 1/2" inlet port. I'd like to direct feed this from my tank overflow, through the 1" drain pipe, rather than feed this from a pump in my sump. I'm concerned that the reduction through a 1/2"...
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    Best way of dealing with Aiptasia outbreak

    Have had great success with our matted file fish. Bought it from another reefer who had moved the fish to a QT tank to make it easier to catch for the sale. He noticed that aptasia had started to pop back up in his display in the weeks after moving the file fish... I wasn't sure we'd keep this...
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    Urchins and Macroalgae

    I think it will depend on the type of urchin and how much live rock you have in the system. Our tuxedo urchin didn't strip the rock bare in a 70 gallon. I don't have experience with the two you listed though.
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    Using 5 gal Home Depot bucket as ATO??

    Been using a 5-gallon bucket with an Aqualifter for about a decade on this set up. It's not the original aqualifter, but they're pretty inexpensive and have lasted a long time. In addition to the floats in the sump for level controls, I added a float in my bucket wired to an LED. This way I...
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    Do di performance issues, dumb question

    I'm a long drive from Palatine, but I have some fittings laying around. In Chicago, Edgewater. Grasping at straws, but did your incoming water pressure rise? Or is it possible the fitting cracked when you were working on the unit?
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    Deltec dealer nearby?

    Do any local shops carry spare parts for Deltec skimmers? Or specifically, Aquabee 2000/1 skimmer pumps. I was able to find spare parts from an online vendor, but I believe they're in Canada and mailing an O-ring and pump bushings to the US was $15!!! The parts are only $5... TIA
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    Interceptor Treatment - refresher

    Thanks guys. Not sure how bad the problem is... I can only see them on one piece that's close enough to the glass to use a magnifying glass. The others are too far away. The one I can see is not being overrun, but I can see the bugs. On all the acros, their polyps are visible but not really...
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    Interceptor Treatment - refresher

    It's been years since I've had to do an Interceptor treatment on the tank, and I remember the basics but not specifics about saving my clean up crew. I know I need to pull out all the crabs I can get and I'll lose the pods. I've seen some people that say snails should be removed, but I don't...
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    Algae Scrubber Basics

    Could you expand on that thought? Do you mean a separate bacterial filtration system of some type?
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    Ranco died - replace with same?

    I didn't realize that could be the cause. Is there a way to test it without replacing the sensor? Thanks for the heads up