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    Stars most feared by clams

    i have a black brittle, a green serpent, a basket star and a sand sifter in with mine.... no problems
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    ultra crocea.. lighting

    Chris I agree with you... I started in this hobby 10 years ago when everyone said you needed Triton light bulbs to keep any type of clams or SPS... then it was PC's then MH... I feel that the companies that make these products put these ideas in our heads that "you need this to make your ____...
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    Should I get this clam?

    is there any way to reverse bleaching of a clam?
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    quick question...

    but can it be at an angle? like 45 degrees?
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    quick question...

    so I got a nice maxima clam the other week... put him in the sand and he knocked himself over... tried it again, same thing...I did this 4 times... did some reading and found that some like to go in rock work so I am going to try to place him there, but I have a question... do they need to be...
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    Clam placement -- rock or sand?

    if you put a clam in the rock work how do you target feed it?