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    Goldflake Angel getting thin

    So, we've had our 5-6" Goldflake for 3 years and he has always been a good eater. While he still readily eats we have noticed he is getting very thin the past few weeks. Alarmingly thin. Not sure what the problem is- could it be internal parasites after 3 years? Other ideas? We feed NLS...
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    Moorish idol and sps

    So far (2.5 years) ours leaves SPS alone.
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    When will limewater/kalkwasser* not be enough?

    As far as I know, the only way is what you stated: "When it isn't". You can prolong it by adding vinegar to your kalk but eventually, I suspect you will also need to dose 2 part as well (I have always had to at about year 2 of a SPS dominant tank).
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    Sudden Fish death issue

    Thanks for the condolences. BTAs and ritteri seem fine. Coral and most inverts do as well although a couple of hitchhiker crabs died.
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    Sudden Fish death issue

    I did 115 gallons of water change yesterday (55 + 60) and added ~5lbs of carbon. Lost 20+ fish. It appears only survivors are 2 clowns and mandarin.
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    Sudden Fish death issue

    Pretty sure a sea cuke got caught in skimmer pump and caused the issue. Pump stopped running and I extracted a bunch of plasticy type tissue from the impeller. Not sure how he made it there but cant find him elsewhere so that is our prime suspect ATM.
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    Sudden Fish death issue

    Thanks for the ideas and condolences - the Naso has been my wife's favorite fish for the past 3 years. We have a ground probe in the tank so I don't think stray voltage. Temp has been consistent at 78 degrees. Can't rule out biological or chemical contamination but also can't determine a...
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    Sudden Fish death issue

    Fed both tanks last night a 9:40pm and everything was fine. Came home from church this am and the 300 looked slightly cloudy so I walked up to it and discovered most fish were dead or dying. The ritteri was curled up quite a bit and clearly not happy. BTA's were shrunken but not completely...
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    Mix of Anthia species?

    I hope OP doesn't mind if I pile onto this thread but was going to post a similar one... What about adding Carberryi anthias to a 300DD that has lyretail (2 male, 4 female - which started with just 1 of them being male 2 years ago). Have not seen any violence with having 2 males thus far. Any...
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    Angelfish space and compatibility

    We have a regal and a flame in the same tank with no issues.
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    Flame angel and inverts

    ^agree. Have had a flame with inverts (skunk cleaner & peppermint shrimp among them) for 3 years with no issues.
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    Rabbitfish - Disease or just camouflage?

    I agree - appears to be stressed. It took ours awhile to not be completely freaked out but is now somewhat brave (for a rabbit fish!) and doesn't go all blotchy all the time.
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    Multiple Rabbitfish compatibility

    We have a magnificent and 1 gold spotted in a 300 with no issues.
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    Protocol for using antibiotics to treat infected anemones ~Added to 7/30/14

    I am really glad I found this thread a few weeks ago as we acquired a Ritteri that looked good at first but quickly took a turn for the worse and was literally on death's doorstep. We had just enough time to treat for 7 days with Cipro before leaving for MACNA. Its turnaround is remarkable...
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    Hard to tell from the pic but I think it is one of those previously mentioned - either encrusting hydnophora or Galaxea. Can you get a better pic?