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    Trust me, 4 years of being setup, not having an ich issue ever, I will wait until 1/1/22! :) My wife had become a Fish Whisperererer! LOL
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    Hello, I am sick to say, all of my fish have died from ich. Not using any additives, how long would it take for ich to die off in the aquarium if there aren't any fish just inverts & corals? Please advise. Thank you, Don
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    Tube Anemones and BTAs

    Hello, Recently, I trusted a company out of the state regarding having multiple long tentacle anemones in the same aquarium. His thought was they came to him in groups, they will live together fine. WRONG! I lost 3 of them in nothing flat AND had a major drama regarding the health of the...
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    Skimmer for 6g Aquarium

    Hello, Any suggestions for a skimmer for a 6q aquarium? I was looking at the Bak-Pak 2 and ordered one from Drs. F&S, but they discontinued carrying them. Along with being efficient, low noise is a must. Thanks for your time, Don
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    One Clown died out of a pair

    Thanks for the advice! :spin3:
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    One Clown died out of a pair

    Are all A. ocellaris the same despite "designer" clowns?
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    One Clown died out of a pair

    Hello, We had a pair of clowns for years and the smaller of the 2 (assuming male) died. What are the chances of the remaining one pairing up with a new one? Thanks, Don
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    Reliable Heater

    I had a Finnex titanium and an Eheim glass and it appears both leaked current. I have the Apex temp probe/setup. Does anyone replace heaters on a regular basis (maybe every 6 months)?
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    Reliable Heater

    Hello, OK, I have had both Finnex and Eheim heaters and both have leaked current into my setup. Please suggest the heater you feel is the least susceptible of leakage. I do not care if it costs me $500.00 as at least that amount of livestock has been killed! Trying to keep from cursing...
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    Trachy brains not doing well

    Hello, I have two Trachy brains and they are both doing the same thing. Since I have placed them in my aquarium, they have not came out at all. One of them appears to be dying. I have them on the substrate, moderate lighting & water flow. I have had them for about three weeks. Please...
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    What species are these?

    How can you tell? Heck looking at photos of both Trachy and Welso I cannot tell the difference
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    What species are these?

    Hello, I have purchased the pictured brains from two different LFS.* One shop said the one they sold me is a Trachy and the other was sold to me as a Welso.* They look like the same species to me! Any ideas? Thanks, Don
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    Retrieving fish from overflow column

    Hello, What is the "easiest" way to retrieve fish from overflow columns? I know, I know ... I have a lid but apparently not good enough. Please advise. Thank you, Don
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    Having to reset skimmer after shutting off and powering back on

    Hello, I have an internal 150 Octopus skimmer with a VarioS 2 pump. Almost every time I shut the skimmer off for any reason I have to "tune" the skimmer by way of the either of the pump speed and/or the gate valve on the skimmer housing. When I power the skimmer back on, the height of the...
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    Crabs, snails, stars oh my! (sorry had to say it)

    Hello, I have a 150g reef tank that is about 1.5 years old with lots of fish. I am wondering what I should generally consider being the right amount of different types crabs, snails and stars and any other "cleaners" I should consider. Any thoughts? Thanks, Don