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  • Hey Bill,

    How are you? I was just wondering if you can give me a call this week, so we can talk about the Club party,901-481-1819 Anytime,
    That way I can go ahead and turn in the money for payment and also the Deposit of money order $250.00 that way, we can make an announcement on when the party will be. I mentioned to Bj that the 23rd of january will be okie .. Since I allready put it for time off from work .. I will talk to her abt the date and it shouldn't be a big deal ..
    Please give me a call thank you ... Darlene
    since I am not on the bank account, you will need to get her a check for the 175.00 or let me come pick it up and get it to her ..the 250.00 has to be a money order but we can turn around and cash that out when they give it back ...I think we will give her 2 dates to work with ...either the 16th or 23rd...
    let me know about the check and money order and laminator supplies...also do you want to mail christmas cards to active members? I can do it ...I think it would be a nice gesture ...let me know ...
    considering we will get back the 250.00 , I think we can do this within budget...we may need to discuss how much money we will spend ar the LFS's ..I would think depending on thier all out donations that they have committed to, we may not need to spend more .
    Also I want to see if you can hook up with me so I can get the laminator and some cards so I can mail the membership cards to the 12 new members we got since the frag swap. I can come pick up the stuff but I would need you to print up a few cards and sign them . I still have not tried to print anything like a card so I am not sure how to do it....I will also sign before I laminate. I can take one to show Richard and one to show Dave so they know exactly what we are doing now
    Hey Bill
    Just making sure you got my voice mail last week about the club house rental fees from Darlene..It was 175.00 non refunfdable and 250.00 refundable deposite. Her phone number is 481-1819 so you can talk to her about it .
    I have had company for 2 weeks ...sorry I did not follow up on this sooner...letme know if you need anything...I think my guests have all come and gone so I can focus again...
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